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Inglés I GRE - Cualitativo (Inglés III) Quiz on Inglés III, created by Daniel Tapia on 06/14/2016.

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Question 1

Directions: for each blank select one entry from the corresponding column of choices. Fill all blanks in the way that best completes the text. An aloe plant may be excellent choice for those who are interested in gardening but keep busy schedules; aloes easily ___________ without frequent watering or careful maintenance.
  • facilitate
  • ingest
  • consume
  • flourish
  • advance

Question 2

Howard’s friends recognize that his nervous ____________(i) on meeting strangers belies in underlying gregariousness, while new acquaintances often ________ (ii) perceive him as churlish
  • Blank (1) chatter
  • Blank (1) silences
  • Blank (1) banter
  • Blank (2) falsely
  • Blank (2) accurately
  • Blank (2) quickly

Question 3

The artist who specialized in __________ scenes, eagerly sat down to paint his favorite landscape, a peaceful pasture filled with hills and valleys.
  • halcyon
  • perennial
  • bucolic
  • eclectic
  • quiescent

Question 4

Her performance review noted that Jill suffers from a lack of ________ (i), and often makes insulting remarks despite her best efforts to be polite; worse, that review went on to point out that it happens regularly, even though she has no intention of _______(ii) anyone.
  • Blank (1) candor
  • Blank (1) tact
  • Blank (1) deference
  • Blank (2) exacerbating
  • Blank (2) lauding
  • Blank (2) denigrating

Question 5

The administration had nothing but contempt for he ultimate Frisbee team and frequently spoke ________ of it.
  • didactically
  • affably
  • jocularly
  • morosely
  • disdainfully

Question 6

By disclosing and explaining the details of her personal finances before they could be used against her, the council member __________(i) her opponent’s attacks during the campaign. Rather than waiting to react to the inevitable criticism should her opponent find something questionable, her campaign manger thought this strategy would be more ___________(ii).
  • Blank (1) prefigured
  • Blank (1) decried
  • Blank (1) precluded
  • Blank (2) enigmatic
  • Blank (2) pragmatic
  • Blank (2) dogmatic

Question 7

Lindsay, cognizant of the effects of second hand smoke but hesitant to inconvenience her party guests, _____________, as she was unsure whether to ask people to smoke outside during the party.
  • dissembled
  • vacillated
  • equivocated
  • disparaged
  • concurred

Question 8

The literary agent took _________ (i) at the statement that slush piles are nothing but __________(ii); he argued that several major authors, including Stephanie Meyer, Judith Guest, and even Anne Frank, were discovered in such piles of unsolicited, soon-to-be-rejected manuscripts.
  • Blank (1) gratification
  • Blank (1) accession
  • Blank (1) umbrage
  • Blank (2) requisitions
  • Blank (2) dross
  • Blank (2) compendiums

Question 9

While some academics applaud the modernist movement in many universities to treat history and fiction as inherently related fields, there remains a vocal group of traditional historians and literary critics who __________ (i) such ___________(ii) worldview and insist that the __________(iii) nature of the two disciplines must be inviolate.
  • Blank (1) venerate
  • Blank (1) deride
  • Blank (1) celebrate
  • Blank (2) a dogmatic
  • Blank (2) an axiomatic
  • Blank (2) a heretical
  • Blank (3) separate
  • Blank (3) logical
  • Blank (3) intertwined

Question 10

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was one of the first major American novels to be written in __________ voice, using the unaffected language of the common person describing everyday events.
  • an erudite
  • a reticent
  • an urbane
  • a quotidian
  • a quixotic

Question 11

The question of when, if ever, history can be considered __________(i) is contentious to say the least. One could argue, for example, that any evaluation of the 180-year-old presidency of Andrew Jackson would likely be _________(ii) the controversies that define evaluations of more contemporaneous political leaders, and yet a plethora of passionately held views continue to polarize. The _____________(iii) of any one judgment is perhaps the one certainty surrounding the issue.
  • Blank (1) apolitical
  • Blank (1) tendentious
  • Blank (1) unexpurgated
  • Blank (2) characteristic of
  • Blank (2) free from
  • Blank (2) mired in
  • Blank (3) objectivity
  • Blank (3) mellifluousness
  • Blank (3) subjectivity

Question 12

The __________(i) state of the city’s public schools certainly demands immediate attention, but it is important that our remedies be thoughtful and comprehensive. While appropriate measures of teacher performance and subsequent accountability will undoubtedly play a vital role in revitalizing our schools, it would be __________(ii) the many other factors at play, factors as widely divergent as the system’s deteriorating physical capital and student’s home lives. Even the most talented teachers are challenged, for example, to ___________(iii) of an unstable or abusive home environment on a student’s ability to learn.
  • Blank (1) execrable
  • Blank (1) tendentious
  • Blank (1) transient
  • Blank (2) an error to neglect
  • Blank (2) a solution to ignore
  • Blank (2) a panacea to solve
  • Blank (3) terminate the ability
  • Blank (3) mitigate the effects
  • Blank (3) exacerbate the influence

Question 13

With his relentless energy but equally diminutive attention span, Garlin __________(i) his talents on several potentially exciting but uncompleted projects, much to the dismay of his friends who, while venerating his enthusiasm, ____________(ii) his unfocused nature.
  • Blank (1) squandered
  • Blank (1) evinced
  • Blank (1) burnished
  • Blank (2) impugned
  • Blank (2) parried
  • Blank (2) defalcated

Question 14

The origins of La Tomatina, an annual Spanish event in which participants hurl overripe tomatoes at one other for up to two hours are ___________, with possible theories including a friendly food fight and a volley aimed at a bad musician.
  • esoteric
  • ephemeral
  • apposite
  • nebulous
  • ubiquitous

Question 15

The __________ group in the adjoining room made it difficult for students taking the midterm examination to concentrate.
  • obstreperous
  • quiescent
  • rapacious
  • enervated
  • antagonistic
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