Biology - the digestive system

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Question Answer
What is the digestive system? The organ system running from the mouth to the anus where food is digested.
Order of digestive system Mouth Oesophagus Stomach Liver Gall bladder Pancreas Small Intestine Large intestine Anus
Way to remember the digestive system My Orang-utan Smells Like Glue Perfume So Lets Roll
Mouth Food enters the body here. Teeth mechanically break down the food. Amylase in saliva breaks down the starch
Oesophagus Has a muscular wall which pushes the food bolus along by a process called peristalsis.
Stomach Has a thick muscular wall and a mucus lining. It contains acid which kills bacteria and enzymes which digest fats (lipids) and proteins.
Liver This helps break down fats by producing bile and emulsifying fat (breaks it down)
Gall bladder Stores bile made by the liver
Pancreas This produces 2 hormones, insulin and glucagon, which helps to control blood sugar levels. It is also adapted for diffusion.
Small intestine The main site of absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream.
Large intestine The main site for the removal of water to produce faeces
Anus/Rectum The exit to the large intestine where the faeces exits the body
What factors affect the rate of diffusion? .thin walls .good blood supply .large surface area