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Module 1 - Introduction to Odysseyware Academic Services and Academy


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Odysseyware PLS
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Odysseyware PLS
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Question 1

A key difference between Odysseyware Academic Services and Odysseyware Academy is:
  • Odysseyware Academic Services does not require teachers to be highly qualified.
  • Odysseyware Academy provides assignment feedback and progress monitoring
  • Odysseyware Academy provides the partner school with a transcript and a final grade.

Question 2

What does AdvancEd accreditation enable us to do?
  • Offer course credits that districts can accept.
  • Participate in Academic-focused conferences at low or no cost.
  • Demonstrate quality assurance and dedication to ongoing improvement.
  • Prove that we have met rigorous academic standards.

Question 3

If a student athlete needs to earn NCAA credit using our online services, they need to be enrolled in:
  • Odysseyware Academic Services
  • Odysseyware Academy
  • Odysseyware
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