Fundamentals: Basics of Nursing Practice

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Practice Questions for Fundamentals - Basics of Nursing Practice

Karen Nepomuceno
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Question 1

A client is admitted to the hospital for an elective surgical procedure. The client tells a nurse about the emotional stress of recently disclosing being a homosexual to family and friends. What is the nurse's first consideration when planning care?
  • Exploring the client's emotional conflict
  • Identifying personal feelings toward this client
  • Planning to discuss this with the client's family
  • Developing a rapport with the client's health care provider

Question 2

The nurse administers a pneumococcal vaccine to a 70-year-old client. The client asks "Will I have to get this every year like I do with the flu shot?" How should the nurse respond?
  • "You need to receive the pneumococcal vaccine every other year."
  • "The pneumococcal vaccine should be received in early autumn every year."
  • "You should get the flu and pneumococcal vaccines at your annual physical examination."
  • "It is unnecessary to have any follow-up injections of the pneumococcal vaccine after this dose."

Question 3

A nurse is teaching an adolescent about type 1 diabetes and self-care. Which questions from the client indicate a need for additional teaching in the cognitive domain? Select all that apply.
  • "What is diabetes?"
  • "What will my friends think?"
  • "How do I give myself an injection?"
  • "Can you tell me how the glucose monitor works?"
  • "How do I get the insulin from the vial into the syringe?"

Question 4

A client reaches the point of acceptance during the stages of dying. What response should the nurse expect the client to exhibit?
  • Apathy
  • Euphoria
  • Detachment
  • Emotionalism