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Cassandra Semaan
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journalisms survey to test results amongst high school students 9-12

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Question 1

You see a boy getting pushed around for wearing a pink t-shirt to school. What do you do?
  • a) laugh at the boy and help the other kids hurt him
  • b) help him up and defend him against the bullies
  • c) give him a hand up but yell at him for being different
  • d) ignore the whole situation and keep walking

Question 2

You are playing basketball and 2 team captains are elected. They evenly pick the 8 boys, leaving 2 girls behind. You hear one captain tell them that he doesn't want them on his team because they are girls and they won't be any good. What do you do?
  • a) leave and go start a new game with the girls
  • b) convince the captain that the girls could be valuable to the game
  • c) laugh at the girl's and leave them hanging
  • d) walk away from the situation

Question 3

You see a group of kids leaving out another for his differences. What do you do?
  • a) go hang out with the kid
  • b) invite the kid to come hang out with your group of friends
  • c) ignore the situation
  • d) call a teacher for help
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