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Intro to Journalism quiz 1 professor Loop

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1 The Inverted Pyramid
1.1 Lead
1.1.1 Who Immediate ID - Dealing with public Official Delayed ID - Anonymous, less important figure more "general persona"
1.1.2 What Summary of 'what' happened - most important facts in under 30 words
1.1.3 When Counting down to some deadline Very seldom/NEVER used
1.1.4 Where AKA "Location" leads NOT/NEVER used because we have "Dateline"
1.1.5 Why
1.1.6 Context Supporting Statement Big Picture Details
2 Idea of Objectivity
2.1 Metaphysics
2.1.1 Epistomology Aesthetics How we communicate what we know Limits of Human Knowledge
2.1.2 Things we know exist
2.2 Two big factors
2.2.1 Time Before publishing in order to fact check
2.2.2 Filter function Pressure to deliver content 24/7 More eyes to check for mistakes
3 Definition
3.1 The objective recreation of REALITY within context
4 1st Amendment freedoms
4.1 Religion
4.2 Speech
4.3 Press
4.4 Assembly
4.5 Grievances
5 Fourth Estate
5.1 Ayn Rand
5.2 Not a branch of government
5.2.1 Journalists keep checks on 3 other branches
5.3 Establish public exposure
5.3.1 6th Amendment Right to a speedy and fair trial
5.3.2 Report on the doings of the Gov.
6 Levels of Confidentiality
6.1 1. On Record
6.1.1 2. Off Record 3. Background/Deep Background Description rather than name Mostly operate on these levels Someone Tells you something, You CANNOT attribute source
6.1.2 Name, Title, Source
7 Fundamentality
7.1 Find most important W
7.2 Essential Facts upon which entire story centers around.
7.3.1 To take something out of context or meaning
8 Good Leads
8.1 If it bleeds, it leads
8.1.1 People before property
8.2 Use "atleast"
8.2.1 Fluid numbers, death tolls can rise or fall
8.3 Chronology
8.3.1 Time, Date (Day Of The Week), Place Place will always be City, St. (State will be abbreviated)
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