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Brodie McMeowface
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Brodie McMeowface
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A quiz on binary addition and multiplication. Please rate and comment so I know haw to improve these resources for future use by other people, thanks :-)

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Question 1

Why do computers have to use binary?
  • Because they are dumb and can only understand two digits 1 and 0
  • Because a computer is made of many transistors that can either be on or off
  • bcause binart is the smallest base possible and that makes computers easier to work with.

Question 2

What is 00010101 +10101100?
  • 11101110
  • 11111100
  • 11000001
  • overflow error

Question 3

What is 00010101 X 8
  • 00101010
  • 01010100
  • 10101000
  • overflow error
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