Salesforce Admin 201 Exam Chunk 6 (156-179)

Brianne Wright
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Quiz on Salesforce Admin 201 Exam Chunk 6 (156-179), created by Brianne Wright on 22/11/2016.

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Brianne Wright
Created by Brianne Wright almost 3 years ago
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Question 1

The VP of customer service is concerned that customer service reps can access Salesforce data from their homes. She would like to limit all customer service reps to accessing Salesforce only while they are at work As the Salesforce admins, what steps can you take to ensure that the customer service reps can access Salesforce only from within the company?
  • add the company's public IP range(s) to the list of Login IP ranges on the customer service reps' profile
  • configured Login Hours on the company information page
  • add the company's public IP range(s) to the list of Trusted IP ranges
  • add the company's public public IP range(s) to the list of Trusted IP ranges on the customer service reps' profile

Question 2

A user responsible for managing and creating campaigns is unable to create a new campaign, even though the user's profile has the "create" profile permission for campaigns. How should a system admin grant the correct access to the user?
  • select the marketing user checkbox on the user record
  • grant the user delegated administration rights to campaigns
  • assign the user to the standard marketing user profile
  • create a campaign sharing rule to grant access to the user

Question 3

Universal Containers has multiple support teams. One team handles technical support issues and another handles billing issues. When would a system admin consider introducing a new record type for cases? Choose 2 answers
  • when different record access is required
  • when different field-level security is required
  • when different picklist values re required
  • when multiple page layouts are required

Question 4

Universal Containers has certain customers that must be placed on the Do Not Contact (DNC) list. A system admin needs to ensure that sales reps to not contact these customers. Which step should the admin take to enforce this requirement? Choose 3 answers
  • add the Do Not Contact field to the contact layout and make it visible for all sales user profiles
  • remove the phone number and email address fields from the contact page layout for the DNC contacts
  • filter the DNC contacts from mass email list views hared with sales users
  • make the DNC contact records private to all sales users
  • select the mass email checkbox on the DNC contact record

Question 5

UC needs to allow a group of users to view account records that they do NOT own. Which feature can the system admin use to meet this requirement?
  • public groups
  • account record types
  • sharing rules
  • field-level security

Question 6

Can put up to 5 formulas on reports (that are, summary and matrix reports, but not tabular reports)
  • True
  • False

Question 7

When converting a lead, how can an admin capture custom lead data on the converted contact?
  • map custom lead field to custom contact fields
  • use the data loader to move the custom lead data
  • map custom lead field to the standard lead field
  • use the lead conversion wizard to select the fields

Question 8

When case assignment rules are being set up, cases can be assigned to whom? choose 2 answers
  • queue
  • contact
  • user
  • case team

Question 9

A system admin at Universal Container needs to mass update the lead source on a number of opportunity records. How can this be accomplished? Choose 2 answers
  • create a list view for opportunities and update using inline editing
  • use the similar opportunities to update the opportunities
  • export opportunities and update using the data loader
  • export opportunities and update using the import wizard

Question 10

An opportunity record created with a close date of July 30th meets the criteria of time-dependent workflow rule. The time dependent action is scheduled for July 23rd. What happens if the opportunity is edited before July 23rd and no longer meets the criteria?
  • the time dependent action is automatically removed from the queue
  • the time dependent action will execute on July 23
  • the time dependent action is put on hold
  • the time dependent action will execute on July 30

Question 11

Which statement is true regarding the Answer community? Choose 2 answers
  • unanswered questions are automatically escalated to new cases
  • community experts must be internal Salesforce users
  • data categories control access to articles and questions
  • answers can be displayed externally on a customer or partner portal

Question 12

When are validation rules applied when using salesforce for Outlook?
  • every time a record is saved
  • every time data is synced with the server
  • every time a user views a record
  • every time a record is updated

Question 13

You are a Salesforce admin for a US-based company with a satellite office in Berlin. The Berlin office does not currently use Salesforce, but is scheduled to begin within the next few months. In order for the Berlin office to be effective, they will need to view Salesforce in German and eneter currency amounts in Euros. The US office must be able to report all opportunities in US dollar amounts. A static conversion rate between USD and EUR is acceptable for launch. What do you need to consider for this implementation? Select 3
  • multiple currencies must be enabled prior to establishing conversion rates between currencies
  • advanced currency management with dated exchange rates is required
  • translation must be configured for custom objects, tabs, fields, and picklist values
  • enabling multiple currencies will require feature activation. Feature activation can take several days to complete, and should be worked into the project plan accordingly.

Question 14

The cloud scheduler has which capability? Choose 2 answers
  • Salesforce can automatically propose multiple meeting times based on Salesforce user calendars
  • a custom logo can be added to the meeting request email set to a contact or lead
  • the cloud scheduler allows users to view available meeting times on lead and contact calendars
  • the cloud scheduler can be enabled at the user profile level

Question 15

Oppty. to account is a ___ to ___ relationship
  • many, one
  • one, many
  • one, one
  • many, many

Question 16

Which chart type can be used to display summary values from two different levels of grouping in a report? Choose 2 answers
  • funnel chart
  • grouped line chart
  • stacked bar chart
  • donut chart

Question 17

A user at Universal Container reports an error message when attempting to log in. The admin checks the user's login history, but there is no record of the attempted login. What could be the cause of this issue?
  • the user is attempting to login outside of the profile IP login range
  • the user is attempting to login with the wrong password
  • the user is attempting to login outside of the profile login hours
  • the user is attempting to login with the wrong username

Question 18

Regional sales users at Universal Containers sell to both business and consumer accounts. However, sales users are unable to see the set of stages that apply to consumer opportunities. How can an admin correct the problem?
  • assign the relevant record types and sales processes to the regional sales team profile
  • remove all but one record type from the regional sales team profile
  • ensure the regional sales users are routing consumer opportunities to the appropriate approver
  • check for a validation rule that restricts the visibility of the opportunity stages

Question 19

How can you access Salesforce on a mobile device choose 2
  • you can not access Salesforce on a mobile device
  • install the Salesforce configuration
  • download the salesforce1 mobile app
  • access the web browser on the mobile device

Question 20

The inside sales team must have the ability to create and edit opportunities. Each user within the inside sales team must only be able to view records that they own (Inside Sales User A should not be able to view Inside Sales User B's opportunities). The outside sales team must have the ability to create and edit opportunities and to view opportunities owned by users within both the inside and outside sales teams. HOw should this be configured in Salesforce? Select all that apply. (pick 4)
  • configure org-wide defaults for opportunity to read only
  • create a sharing rule: the outside sales team will be granted read access to opportunities owned by the inside sales team
  • create a sharing rule: prevent the inside sales team from viewing records owned by the outside sales team
  • create a sharing rule: the outside sales team will be granted read access to opportunities owned by the outside sales team
  • create two roles: one for the inside sales team and one for the outside sales team
  • configure OWD for opportunity to private

Question 21

A marketing user has received a file of leads to import into Salesforce. What tool can be used to avoid duplicate lead records?
  • merge leads function
  • data loader
  • validation rules
  • import wizard

Question 22

Where can multilingual solution search feature be enabled? choose 2
  • public knowledge base
  • self-service portal
  • Salesforce content
  • solution tab search

Question 23

When working on opportunities, sales reps at Universal Containers need to understand how their peers have successfully managed other opportunities with comparable products, competing against the same competitors. Which feature should a system admin use to facilitate them? Choose 2 answers
  • opportunity update reminders
  • chatter groups
  • big deal alets
  • similar opportunities

Question 24

Criteria-based sharing rules can be created for which objects? choose 3
  • campaign members
  • contacts
  • accounts
  • users
  • opportunities