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    Learning from the Past
    Communication How did it start /What does it generate/ does it create/ closes or opens possibilities/ Who were the first writers,paintors/ what did they communicate/ could they achieve their aim/ Do people create nowadays/have they invented new ways of communication/ How do you find communication at present/ do you feel comprehended/ what would you change/ What have you discovered/ who were more creative/ ancient or contemporary civilizations

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    what is culture/ how do we study cultures/ How do we know about them Who were Argentina´s first settlers/ How did they cope with the landscape situation, etc How do we create a cultural identity/ Are we different from.... What do we share with ......  
    celts, native americans, Spanish,Italians, English,jews amongst others Legends and traditions methodologies games and entertainment

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    Our environment
    What is the environment/ What is our responsibility towards it/ Why should we get involved/ What are the factors affecting the environment/ problems¨littering,pollution,contamination,green house effect ozone layer´s hole, endangered species....amongst others what are the causes and consequences/ what can we do to change the situation/ what would you do
    newspapers, key geography, dossier magazines, dhistoty,etc campaigns

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    Democracy and representation
    How did it start/ what does it mean/why did it start/ is it representative/ how do people choose today/how did they do it in the Ancient days/ what differences do you find among the different forms of government that are domocratic/ what do you know about the ballot system/ vocabulary campaign trail, firetalks, spokeman,representatives,tyranny,etc how would you create a political campaign/ if you were a representative to be elected, what would you propose

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    Ancient days
    theories about the past Egyptsome kind of mystery ians, Aztecs, mayas and their relationship with the other world mysteries unsolved pyramids, stonehedge, woodhedge and others Why is still the past 

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    november 11, 1918 THE ARMISTICE
    REMEMBRANCE DAY WHAT WAS THE WORLD WAR, OR gREAT War, or war of the trenches/ what were its causes and consequences, how was Argntina involved in the War/ how many people fought/ what happened in Malvinas or Falklands in 1914-1915 How do we feel about the war/ What were its gains and losses why do we celebrate this year the anniversary of the cease fire/ how is it celebrated worldwide what is your opinion about...

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    good leaders
    what is a leader/ what characteristics and skills make a good leader/ leaders you know depth study mandela, gandhi,jesus and churchill, messi antagonists could b ehitler,mussolini, stalin or a character they dislike for his actions Non-violence ,persuassion, speech, believes  

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    Travelling- cross-cultural and intercultural communication
    travelling route map exchange planning learning a new language studying abroad friendship devices  

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