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GoConqr's Slides software lets learners and educators create more engaging presentations to help achieve their learning goals.

Connect Ideas

Complete Learning Aids

Easy to create and great for learning, Slides let you present the whole picture.


Add Quizzes & Videos

Embed other GoConqr resources in Slides, along with media such as images and video.

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Share & Discover

Share your Slides with friends, classmates or colleagues whenever you want.

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Create Powerful Resources Quickly

The perfect study tool for a more visual learning experience.

GoConqr’s Slides software allows you to quickly and easily put together amazing learning material that’s perfect for presentations or online sharing.

Whether you wish to create Slides for personal study or to present to a wider audience, GoConqr’s Slides tool makes it incredibly easy to create what you need.

Some features of GoConqr Slides:

  • Choose from a variety of templates for more fluid Slides creation
  • Incorporate other GoConqr learning resources for in-depth study
  • Embed your Slideshow creations on external sites or platforms
  • Multiple learning formats supported

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The Cold War


The Effects of Climate Change




Visual Learning

Breathe new life into your learning material.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. GoConqr’s Slide software is versatile and easy to use, making it ideal for learners at all levels to put together impressive and comprehensive study material that incorporate a variety of media elements.

Easily create awesome study Slides by inserting images, videos, links, along with other GoConqr learning resources such as Mind Maps, Quizzes, Notes and Flashcards.

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Customise Your Content

Personalise your content to control how your learn.

Learning is a personal journey. That’s why GoConqr’s tools allow you to tailor your study materials to fit your individual needs.

With GoConqr’s Slides software you have the freedom to create Slides in a style that suits you best. For greater visual impact choose from 11 different templates and 40 pre-designed themes. Then add as much or as little content as you want – whatever works best to help you acquire the knowledge you need!

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Sharing and Collaboration

Share with the world and let the world share with you.

The visually appealing nature of Slides makes them ideal for classroom presentations. Better yet, all it takes is a few clicks and you can easily publish and share your creations online privately for friends, classmates and colleagues on GoConqr to see.

And when learning resources are shared publicly on GoConqr, that means they are stored in our library, making it easier for you to discover and enjoy Slides and resources covering just about every topic imaginable.

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