How to pass Reading in Functional English

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Advice on how to pass Functional English Reading

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    How to pass Reading in Functional English
    Read the text and highlight any key words Highlight any words you don't know (use a different colour) Read the question very carefully Notice any words in bold. These are very important. Use reading techniques such as skimming and scanning to find the answer to the question In multiple choice questions if you can't find the answer straight away, eliminate any obvious wrong answers and then make an educated guess Use your dictionary to look up any words you don't know When you have finished, check your work to make sure you have answered all the questions

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    Levels 1 and 2 differences
    Level 1:Features of textsThese are: bullet points! bold text headings, titles and subheadings question and answer boxes different sized fonts images search box weblinks
    Level 2:Purpose:You need 2 parts to the purpose question: a verb (e.g to advise, to inform, to persuade, to entertain etc) and the information itself (e.g legal music downloads, the dangers of smoking, the benefits of joining a sports club)

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    Level 2 cont.Ways the writer expresses an opinion or a point of view, supports a claim or shows biasThis is not so much about WHAT the writer says, but more about HOW he or she says it.This could be by using the words of an expert, by using selective statistics or quotations or by expressing only one side of an argument and not presenting a balanced view.You should describe the technique and quote from the text.

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    Level 2 Contd.FACT, OPINION AND BIASLearn and practise the definitions for these terms using this flashcard deck
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