Encouraging Creativity in the Classroom

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7 ways to encourage creativity in the classroom.

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    Creativity in the Classroom
    Creativity is one of the main factors needed  to keep students engaged in the classroom but often it is overlook by teachers. Here are 7 ways to increase creativity in your classroom (for all levels): Encourage positive self-esteem among students. Put creativity into practice. Offer alternatives.  Use questions effectively.  Make connections. Explore different ideas and keep an open mind.  Stimulate critical reflection.

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    How GoConqr can help you
    GoConqr has tools that can help you stimulate creativity among students. For example, Mind Maps are perfect for brainstorming and connecting.Using Study Groups and collaborative teaching methods can fFurthermore, using Study Groups and collaborative teaching methods encourages the flow of ideas and the generation of different perspectives and alternatives. On the right you can find some resources created with GoConqr that explore creativity in the classroom and some of its main aspects.
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