37. Four Ways to be Creative

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    Deliberate and Cognitive
    Thomas Edison is the perfect example, he kept running experiments till he found the perfect outcome. Focused Disciplined  Makes connections with other information already learned. "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work" -Edison

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    Deliberate and Emotional
    Those a-ah moments. Requires quite time to come up with insights   Comes after a period of reflection or deep thought Usually is personal and not shared with others

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    Spontaneous and Cognitive
    Like Newton learning about gravity from falling apples. This type of creativity requires you to forget about the project or problem at hand and work on something else.  Allows the unconscious part of the brain to work Removes it from conscious awareness for a short period Doing something completely unrelated will allow your prefrontal cortex to connect information in new ways.

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    Spontaneous and Emotional
    Happens mostly when the brain is at rest, its the creativity of great artist and musicians . Can be powerful creative moments No knowledge required Skill in certain areas are needed (writing, musical, artistic)
    Caption: : Al Kratzer's "Blue in Green," acrylic on canvas, captures the creative energy and spirit of a jazz musician.
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