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    Submission Site for Curriculum & Instruction

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    1. Click the submission option for your program: “6_Submit Work _ Curriculum & Instruction” . 2. Click the submission for the type of draft. Example: “6_Proposal.”  3. Attach the draft file by clicking “Browse My Computer” and selecting the file from your file storage device. (Attach any additional files that may help with the review process, such as previous draft feedback from your chair, instructor, HRPP, etc.)    4.  Complete the draft questionnaire for the type of draft (see specific draft instructions) to help the Dissertation Specialist and Writing Coach understand your goals with the draft.   5. Click “Submit” to upload and submit the draft for review.    

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    A Dissertation Specialist and Writing Coach will contact you via email to initiate the review process. Depending on the type of draft/project, it may take several days for a Dissertation Specialist and Writing Coach  to return draft feedback to you. Please review the policies and procures for the review process.    

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    Request & Submission Process
    1. Students should email the DSC at dsc.educ@ttu.edu to request support services. Depending on the type of support services requested, students may be asked to submit a draft, meet for a one-on-one consultation, or meet for one-on-one coaching. 2. Typically, students requesting a draft review will be asked to submit their draft to the DSC Blackboard area. In some cases, however, students may be asked for a pre-draft review consultation. 3. Students requesting support services for other activities, such as developing project timelines and time management skills, setting goals for research and writing activities, and creating a personal motivational agenda will likely work with the DSC through email and consultation until a draft is completed for review.    
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