Paper airplane challenge

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Challenge 5 categories: 1. Greater Distance 2. Greater Airtime 3. Low Gap between Theoretical Calculation vs Real (Point 1 and 2) 4. Best Marksmanship (Target Zone) 5. Best Design

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    The physics of paper airplanes
    Have you ever made a paper airplane and wondered how it can fly? What physical principles are present?In this slide set you'll find some of the hard facts involved in making a paper plane a feat of physics.And why not put your knowledge to the test by setting up a challenge in your class (with permission of course!) to see which brave aviator's plane:1. Gets Greater Distance2. Greater Airtime3. Best Marksmanship (Target Zone)4. Best Design

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    Paper Airplane World Championships
    Caption: : If you manage to topple your classmates or colleagues, there's always the world championships to contend!

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    What will be the best option to go with? You can choose from a wide selection - from beginner to expert - at the link below:
    Download different model types
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