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    An adventure sport: rafting - TALKING
    Let´s talk about “Adventure sports” answering these questions: Describe the photograph. What can you see? Are the people in the photograph wearing special equipment? Why? Have you ever been river rafting? Can you name other adventure sports? Do you need special protection?
    Caption: : RAFTING

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    An adventure sport: rafting - READING
    Rafting is a very dangerous sport, so whitewater rafters need special protection. They wear a wetsuit, a helmet and a life vest. They each have oars to help manoeuvre the raft. Modern rafts are inflatable boats which can hold between four and twelve rafters. Whitewater rafting is always practised in fast-flowing rivers.
    One of the best times to practise this sport is in the spring. It snows heavily in the mountains in the winter, but the temperatures rise in the spring. Consequently, the snow and ice begin to melt and turn to water. This water flows down the mountains, and swells the rivers. The rivers flow much faster, so waves and rapids form. These are exactly the conditions the rafters are looking for!

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    Answer in your notebook these questions about the reading.  1.      What is the name of this sport? 2.      Where are the people practising this sport? 3.      Why is spring a good time for rafting in mountainous areas? 4.      We say ‘whitewater’ because turbulence in the water makes it turn white. Do you think the water in this photograph is moving fast or slowly? 5.      Can you see anything else in the river that makes whitewater rafting dangerous? 6.      How do rafters protect themselves?
    An adventure sport: rafting - WRITING
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