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    the worst holiday ever
    All started two years ago with a call from my ex boyfriend, he was inviting me to go to the beach BPM Cramen with him. Obviously I told him yes...I love to go with him.

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    when we got to the airport to get our boarding pass the Miss told us that the ticket was oversold and no longer had seats available, and worst of all it was my ticket. I took a lunch, I waited 3 hours when my flight was announced as delayed ... I said to myself keep calm and will enjoy being there. I waited about 40 minutes longer. I said calm everything will be okay nothing bad will happen  so we bought another ticket, which I had to board  in 3 hours later.

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    And then I boarded the plane, everything started walking, I thought, I never imagined that the two beautiful children who were sitting behind me would be some small demons, the two children went screaming, and the fligth was bumpy. During flight . children were screaming  mayday may day help, help, help the plane crashed, they cried and laughed, screamed and cried and volbian to laugh and cry throughout the flight. the flight was nousy and  bumpy .

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    Finally we had arrived, my phone battery had run out so we had no way to communicate with my ex boyfriend to know where he was, so take a taxiCommunity cab to take expensive I was very uncomfortable because we were too tight, the driver decided to move to let the other tourists in their hotel before me, so take an hour and a half to reach the hotel.

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    Beautiful hotel by the way, very big   ask about my reservation the girl told me she had had a porblema with a book room and I could get one at night, I told him that was fine because possibly be holiday season there would be another hotel available, so it was better to wait.

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    I asked the staff to keep my bags and that would make a call to contact my boyfriend because it was very possible that he was already worried about me.but  no, he was already enjoying a beach party, just told him I would come there.I put on my swimsuit and went to the beach that night was so tired and I take a beer to relax but the fourth beer to drank me, I was dead.

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