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A course to learn about different aspects of art history, from the Renaissance to Contemporary Art


Module Information

There are a number of terms and phrases that enhance our understanding of Art and the techniques used to create it. From sfumato to chiaroscuro, learn about painting terms here.


terms used in painting for revision
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This quiz depicts twelve distinct styles. Match the painting to the school of design to which it belongs. Have fun and test your knowledge.


Can you recognise the style of these art works?
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Focusing on European art in the 18th and 19th centuries, these flashcards illustrate examples and styles from periods such as the Rococo and Neoclassical.


This is a flashcard set of art pieces made by women from the 18th and 19th century. You will be asked who the pieces are by and what period and/or movement they are from.
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These slides show how GoConqr can better be utilised as a learning tool for budding artists.

Slide Set

A guide to using GoConqr tools in the classroom for Art students
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