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terms used in painting for revision

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Sfumato Painting technique that gives a soft hazy effect. The word comes from the Latin for smoke. Leonardo DaVinci often used it, e.g. in the Mona Lisa
Gouache Paint like a watercolour, but opaque, so it can be layered and you can't see the paper or canvas underneath.
Impasto Applying paint to a canvas in a very thick layer so that it has a raised texture. Sometimes the paint is mixed directly on the canvas. Examples include work by Vincent Van Gogh and Jackson Pollock.
Triptych A painting on three hinged panels, often used as altarpiece art. An example is Giotto's Stefaneschi Triptych 0d89f0ef-30b5-4c30-9452-1fcdd92fdc0d.jpg (image/jpg)
Chiaroscuro Technique that uses contrasting light & shadow, for bold effect. E.g Caravaggio. (Italian: chiaro=light, scuro=dark) 2ebb7500-2c23-497d-980a-75f2ed45456e.jpg (image/jpg)
Fresco Type of mural (wall painting) where paint is applied directly on wet plaster. (fresco = fresh). Difficult to repair e.g. Ecce Homo ffb8594b-b5b4-4c76-8eba-37f8fa8c76b2.jpg (image/jpg)
Stippling Applying small dots of paint with the point of a brush. The closer the dots, the darker the shade appears
Tempera A permanent, fast drying paint. Usually egg is used to bind the pigment.
Trompe l'oeil A painting that tricks the eye with an optical illusion, e.g. many of Salvador Dali's paintings 6da54d22-66d5-46ef-948e-c5d5b7937c01.jpg (image/jpg)
En plein air En plein air means that the artist painted outside (in the fresh air) rather than in a studio. They paint the landscape as they look at it rather than use photographs or memory.