19th century America - APUSH Period 4 & Period 5 Public

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This course will take you through of the key areas covered by the APUSH Period 4 and APUSH Period 5. That period in US history during the 19th century covering Manifest Destiny, Mexican War, Slavery and Civil War. Includes videos, mind maps, quizzes and key dates flashcards.


Module Information

What is Manifest Destiny? This 5 minute video gives you a great introduction to the concept
This mind map captures the key concepts of Manifest Destiny in a visual way. Covered in APUSH Period 4

Mind Map

Some ideas behind manifest destiny, and why it was so admired by White Americans in the 1800s - early 1900s
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Mind Map with lots of information and connections on Manifest Destiny and the APUSH Mexican American war
Key events and historical figures of this period - The Missouri Compromise 1820, Tariff of Abominations 1828, Indian Removal Act 1830, Texan War of Independence 1835-36 explained in a flashcard format
Quiz on Manifest Destiny and Westward Expansion: 1840s
US History Crash Course video covering APUSH Slavery in the US
Note discussing the origins of American Slavery and the importance of the cotton gin and the cotton industry on the Southern economy
A flashcard deck covering some of the key information in regarding slavery and the origins of the Civil War. Deals with abolitionists, Dred Scott, William Lloyd Garrison, Stephen Douglas and more
Mind Map summarizing the main learning points for the Civil War - includes background and key figures and battles.

Mind Map

Word Map over the lead up to the Civil War as well as the war itself.
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Talks about the following topics: Abraham Lincoln, Battles of the Civil War, The Issue of Slavery, Medicine, and Famous Generals. *Make sure to read the explanations after you do the quiz because they have a lot of information.
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