American Civil War

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Word Map over the lead up to the Civil War as well as the war itself.

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American Civil War
1 Sectionalism
1.1 South realized North didn't need vote to win 1860 Election
1.1.1 Stephen A. Douglas debates Lincoln over popular sovereignty During Debate Douglas basically kills Kansas-Nebraska Act Infuriates Southern Democrats Causes split in Democratic Party Loses all power in Senate
1.2 North wanted to end south's slave ways
1.2.1 Abolition Christian duty William Garrison
2 States RIghts
2.1 South: Slavery was at the heart
2.2 North: Wanted federal government to end slabvery
3 War Clothing
3.1 Union wore blue uniforms
3.2 Confederacy wore grey uniforms
4 War North Vs. South
4.1 North Instituted a Naval Blockade of South
4.1.1 This outraged european countries who traded with south for goods
4.2 Fort Sumter
4.3 Bloody
4.4 Disease
4.5 Gettysburg
4.5.1 Bloodiest battle during war
4.6 Abraham Lincoln is Assassinated
4.7 South surrenders
4.7.1 North Wins Slavery is Abolished Union is restored
5 Federal government calls for improvements to help nation
5.1 Internal Improvements
5.2 Tariffs
5.3 National Bank
5.4 Homestead Policy
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