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Getting started with GoConqr Groups


This quick guide will help you understand how to get the most of GoConqr groups and how it will help you in the learning process.
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    GoConqr Groups
    Many of our users already use our online study groups to keep in touch with classmates, assign tasks, coordinate class projects, share resources, study a particular subject or simply just to chat with friends.We want our users to get the most out of this ‘fountain of knowledge’ and engage in collaborative learning. With that in mind we have greatly improved the usability of the GoConqr Groups and carried out a redesign of their structure. Discover how to get the most of GoConqr Groups in the following slides
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    Starting a Discussion
    Now discussions are much more dynamic and easy to use than before and adopt the feel of social networks.To start a new discussion, select a title and description and click the "Post a New discussion" button.You can now share links , add GoConqr resources, polls, and also like posts.

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    Inviting Friends to a Group
    Anyone can create a group and invite whoever they wish to join. It’s up to the person who creates a group to decide who can join.To invite new members to the group you can:1. Enter your friend's user name or select them from list2. Invite by email: Enter email address of your friend

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    Sharing Resources
    Sharing resources has never been so easy. 1. Click on the Resources Tab2. Select the resources you want to share3. Click in the share button (at the left hand corner)4. Click in share, and select the group you want to share the resource(s) withAnd enjoy sharing!

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    Now is your turn!
    Now is your time to create or participate in a group. Invite your friends, students, colleagues with a few simple clicks, whether they are existing GoConqr members or not. Once you are up and running you will see group activity updates on your homepage.                                            Let's study together!
    Caption: : Let's participate in the Groups!
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