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Free tools and tips that will help you excel on individual assignments, group projects, lectures and writing a thesis

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Adapt and Excel

Starting University marks the beginning of a new phase in your life. It is not only about leaving behind your secondary school but also working towards a possible career.

With change comes opportunities but to seize these opportunities, you must firstly  adapt to a new structure and set of evaluation mechanisms. To guide you with the process of university learning, we provide you with tips and tools that will help you excel on the different daily tasks brought on by University.

Productivity is a fundamental characteristic to achieve academic success. Use this information wisely to maximise your time.

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Tips for University

University Learning: Tasks

With all the lectures, that you have to attend at university comes a large number of activities and tasks that you’ll get used to (if you are not already)

Among these tasks are:


Individual Assignments

Many universities are modernizing their evaluation mechanisms, putting more emphasis on continuous assessment and individual work as means of university learning. Therefore, throughout your years in university, you must carry out a number of individual projects for your different modules.

The responsibility is yours and you have to work hard to get the desired result. Consider the following phases:

  • Planning
  • Data collection
  • Organisation
  • Editing
  • Presentation
Group Projects

Group Projects I

In addition to individual assignments, group work is an essential part of your university learning. Cooperative work and understanding can be challenging at times because each group member has their own personality and ideas.

It is important to know how to handle this fact and turn it into something positive. Different ideas can result in a more comprehensive view of a topic and an outstanding job.

Learning requires personal effort but there are times when we benefit more if we cooperate with our colleagues.

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Group Projects II

When it comes to group work, it is essential to be well organized. Consider the following:

  • Establish rules from the beginning including work schedules, a spokesperson and individual goals
  • Define objectives, divide tasks, take into account the time available;
  • Respect the opinions of others
  • Avoid discussions and cultivate dialogue in order to resolve disagreements
  • Do not leave all the work to other group members

If you want to have an extra advantage, organise your group work effectively with ExamTime’s groups study tool.

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Study Groups

Attending Lectures

Attending class is crucial for your university learning and academic success. Many students make the mistake of not going to lectures and when exam period arrives, they suffer the consequences.

In addition, each teacher has his own teaching technique and it is necessary to adapt to them in order to get the most of each class. The advantages of going to lectures are numerous:

  • Anecdotes, examples and stories that complement the module
  • Possible conversations and debates that broaden your perspective
  • Simplified information provided by the lecturer
  • Clarification of doubts.

Taking Notes in Lectures

In addition to the above, attending lectures is the best way to take comprehensive notes and tailor them to your needs without having to rely on your peers.

Studies show that students who attend class regularly outperform those that do not.

Lectures are continues, so it is important not to miss one and take necessary notes for future revision. Do you want to learn how to take the perfect note? Have a look at our note-taking techniques page.

How to Write a Thesis

Thesis Writing

Writing a thesis is one of the most important activities you will have to execute in University. It is normally worth a high percentage of your final grade, so taking the correct approach when doing this is crucial to achieve your desired goal.

It is vital to:

  • Do the necessary research prior to writing the paper
  • Create a plan and Structure for the thesis
  • Apply your knowledge accordingly
  • Pay huge attention to referencing external sources.

Do you want to obtain more in-depth information on the point above? Have a look at our thesis page.


Read, read and read some more. This is something university students will have to do in large amounts. With all the content that you will have to study, comprehension and retention is vital for success.

The 4 main important areas we want to look into are:

  • Concentration
  • Speed
  • Comprehension
  • Memorisation

Our reading techniques for university page looks into each of these points in-depth and shows you how to deal with information overload. Reading is something that you can train yourself to improve. Learn how to do this the correct way to maximise your time.

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