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Preschool language and literacy Preschoolers develop their ability to comprehend and tell stories, become more skilled conversationalists, and begin to understand the mechanics of written language.
Engage preschool children in interactive reading and dialogic reading to improve language and literacy skills In interactive reading, children talk with the teacher about the pictures and story; dialogic reading uses a more systematic method to scaffold adult-child language interaction around storybook reading.
Phonological awareness training Phonological awareness refers to the ability to detect or manipulate the sounds in words independent of meaning. It can involve various training activities that focus on teaching children to identify, detect, delete, segment, or blend segments of spoken words.
Phonological awareness training plus letter knowledge Phonological awareness training plus letter knowledge is a general practice aimed at enhancing young children's phonological awareness, print awareness, and early reading abilities.
Shared book reading Shared book reading involves an adult reading a book to a small group of children without requiring extensive interactions from them. Shared book reading was found to have mixed effects on oral language and potentially positive effects on phonological processing
Interactive shared book reading Interactive shared book reading is a general practice that adults may use when reading with children and is intended to enhance young children's language and literacy skills.
Dialogic reading Is an interactive shared picture book reading practice designed to enhance young children's language and literacy skills. The adult and the child switch roles so the child learns to become the storyteller with the assistance of the adult who functions as an active listener and questioner.
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