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Your sister has told you that she has just broken off her relationship. Offer her some advice. (2019) Giving advice:
“Oh no! You’ve broken your mobile phone screen again!” your dad complains. Apologise and make a promise (2019) Apologise + promise
“We’ve told you a thousand times. You can’t go camping with your friends,” your parents tell you. Express your dissatisfaction (2019) Complain / Express your opinion
You and your classmates want to celebrate the end of the school year. Make suggestions. (2019) Suggest / Invitations
You borrowed a classmate’s text book to do homework, but you accidentally left it on the bus. Apologise and say what you will do about it. (2019) Apologise + promise / offers
A friend has uploaded photos of you to Instagram without your permission. Tell that person why you are upset. (2019) Complain / Express opinion
You are angry with your friend because she picked a different partner for a group project. Complain about it (2020) Complain
You’ve got an old phone that doesn’t do much. Your birthday is close. Convince your parents to buy you the cool phone that you want. (2020) Convince / Ask / Suggest
“I don’t know what to do after secondary school,” your cousin tells you. Suggest something. (2020) Suggestion / Advice
You arrive home earlier than usual on a school day. Your parents are going to cook lunch. Offer your help. (2020) Offer help / suggestions
“I’m so sad I’ve finished school forever and we have to leave,” your friend comments. Cheer him up (2020) Support / cheer up
“You have not done any of this term’s projects on time,” your teacher comments. Apologize and make a promise. (2020) Apologize + promise
You took your brother’s new jacket without permission and you left it at the disco. Apologise and offer him something in return. (2018) Apologise / offer
A friend of yours spends too much time on the computer and she doesn’t want to go out at all. Give her some advice. (2018) Give advice / suggestions
Your sister’s dream has always been to be a doctor, but her marks are not good enough to study medicine. Give her some suggestions for her future. (2018) Suggestions / advice
You get home after a party and your mum says you smell of alcohol. Give her an explanation. (2018) Explain / Apologize
Your 80 year-old grandma has been using Facebook for a few years, now she wants to have an Instagram account. Tell her your opinion about her decision. (2018) Give your opinion / Suggest
Your parents often check your phone and your computer. Complain about it. (2018) Complain
Your best friend has got a big date and he/she has no idea what to wear. Give him/her some advice. (2018) Advice / Suggestions
Sales begin on Monday. Your classmate tells you to skip school on Monday to go and buy some clothes. Give a polite refusal. (2018) Refuse an invitation / Suggest
Your mum tells you, “You don’t look very happy. How was school today?” (2018) Explain / Express emotions-opinions
Your parents get angry because you’re texting on your phone during lunch. Apologise and make a promise. (2018) Apologize + promise
Your father complains, “You’re not a careful driver. You have crashed your motorcycle again”. Apologise and make a promise. (2017) Apologize / Promise
Your aunt comments, “You get too much pocket money”. Express your disagreement. (2017) Disagree / Opinion
Your friend tells your secrets to her sisters. Complain about it. (2017) Complain
Your friend says, “I hate making my bed every day and tidying up my room”. Make a comment. (2017) Give your opinion / Agree / Disagree...
You are tired of seeing a girl in your classroom laughing at another girl and annoying her. You have already told your teachers but nothing has changed. Talk to your head teacher and suggest actions. (2017) Complain / Report a problem / Suggest
You used your brother/sister’s computer without permission and now it doesn’t work. Apologise and give him/her and explanation. (2017) Apologize / explain
You have received the best mark on an exam in your Maths class. What do you say to your best friend, who failed the exam? (2017) Support / Suggest / Advice /
Your Science teacher is organising activities to raise environmental awareness. Make a suggestion. (2017) Suggestions
Your classmates ask you for help to organise a party to celebrate the end of the academic year. Give them a polite refusal. (2017) Polite refusal / Rejecting an invitation / Suggest
You’ve lost your sister’s MP4 player. Explain and apologise. (2017) Explain / Apologize / offer
At school, you see a student being bullied. Try to convince her/him to report it, giving her/him some advice. (2017) Convice / Report / Advice / Suggestion
You and some of your classmates want to organize a summer trip. Make a suggestion and give a reason to support it. (2017) Suggest / Support with arguments
Your cousin is texting while driving. Give her some advice. (2017) Giving advice
You lent a friend your mobile to phone his/her mother but he/she is looking at your photos. Complain and express your dissatisfaction. (2017) Complain / express emotions / disagree
Your biology teacher says, “Animals shouldn’t be in zoos or a circus.” Express your agreement or disagreement. (2017) Agree / disagree
A friend of yours says, “Lyrics should be a very important part of a song. That’s why I don’t like reggaeton music”. Make a comment. (2017) Agree / disagree / comment
Your mum tells you, “Can you stop using your Whattsapp and pay attention to me? Give an explanation and apologise. (2016) Apologize / explain
Your friend has come over for dinner. When he sees the yummy pizza you’ve made, he comments, “I thought you knew, I’m allergic to gluten!” Apologise and offer a solution. (2016) Apologize / offer / suggest
You’re watching Big Brother on TV and your granny says, “That programme should be banned”. Express your disagreement. (2016) Disagree
Your father complains, “I don’t like the friends you’re hanging out with”. Give him a convincing explanation. (2016) Convince / explain
Your friend asks you to take him home on your scooter but he does not want to wear a helmet. What do you say to him? (2016) Complain / suggest / disagree / give advice
Your parents met your English teacher at the parents’ meeting. Ask them about the meeting. (2016) Asking questions / asking for information
You are having a birthday party. Invite a friend. (2016) Making invitations / suggestions
You want to go out to eat. Try to persuade your parents. (2016) Convince / suggest
Your mother asks you to write the shopping list for her. Give a polite refusal (2016) Refuse / reject an invitation / suggest
Your friend tells you she got her new T-shirt in a charity shop. Make a comment. (2016) Comment / give an opinion / reactions
Your neighbor never picks up his dog poo. Make a comment. (2016) Complain / polite disagreement
Your best friend organised a pyjama party last Friday, but she didn’t invite you. Express your dissatisfaction. (2016) Complain / express feelings
You are not wearing trainers for the PE class. Explain why to your teacher. (2016) Explain / Apologize / Make an excuse
Your friend insists on going out tonight. Explain why you can’t go. (2016) Refuse / reject an invitation / explaining
You are getting dressed to go out, but your friend can’t stop telling you to hurry up and that makes you nervous. Complain about it. (2016) Complain / express feelings
Your father is very angry with you because you have lost your keys again. Apologise and make a promise. (2016) Apologise / promise / explain
Your father tells you, “Facebook is bad for your grades”. Express your disagreement. (2016) Disagree / express an opinion
Your boyfriend/girlfriend complains about your lack of punctuality. Apologise and give an explanation. (2016) Apologize / explain
A classmate says, “I love the Spanish Language lessons”. Express your disagreement. (2016) Disagree / give an opinion / react
Your granny tells you, “Recently, you hardly ever visit me!” Give her an explanation and make a promise. (2016) Explain / apologise / promise
Your brother/sister always forgets to switch off the light when he/she goes out. Give him/her some advice. (2016) Give advice / suggest
Some classmates don’t want to change the date of an exam. Argue for the change. (2015) Express agreement / disagreement / give an opinion
You have just finished your meal in a restaurant and you realize you have no money. (2015) React / ask for help / promise
Your friend wants to give a pleasant surprise to his girlfriend. Give him some advice. (2015) Giving advice / suggestions
You have phoned a friend to wish a happy birthday. She says it was yesterday. Apologize. (2015) Apologize
The shop assistant has accused you of hiding something under your jacket. (2015) Explain / prove something
A friend of yours is coughing all the time but he goes on smoking. Suggest doing something. (2015) Suggest / give advice
One of your friends says reading is boring. Try to persuade him to read a book. (2015) Suggest / give advice / persuade
Your friends can stay out as late as they want, you until 10.30. Complain to your parents. (2015) Complain / explain
Your friend comments, “Teachers should not be allowed to give homework at weekends”. (2015) Agree / disagree
Your grandmother tells you, “Your only hobby is playing video games”. Express disagreement. (2015) Disagree
It’s a school day and your brother/sister is watching TV at midnight. Give him/her some advice. (2015) Give advice / suggest
You’re listening to music while doing homework. Your granny asks you, “How can you concentrate?” Give her a convincing explanation. (2015) Explain / convince
You phone your friend and interrupt his after-lunch siesta. Apologise Apologize / explain
A tourist stops you on the street and asks you about a cheap place to have lunch in the area. Advise him/her and give details. (2015) Give advice / give information / give directions
Your best friend is not coming to the school trip. Try to convince her to come. (2015) Convince / persuade / suggest
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