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When was the Spartacists revolt? January 1919
What did the Spartacists want? Germany to be ruled by workers' councils or soviets.
Who led the Spartacists? Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg.
What happened to Bavaria between 1918 - 1919? Became a self-declared Socialist state.
What were the main 3 impacts of WW1 on Germany? 1) Germany was virtually bankrupt. 2) Germany had a revolution and became an unstable democratic republic. 3) The war had deepened divisions in society.
What was agreed at the Treaty of Versailles? To blame Germany for WW1, to reduce it's armed forces to 100,000 soldiers, to force Germany to pay £6.6 billion in reparations, to give German territories to allied forces and to set up a League of Nations. (GARGLe)
When did France and Belgium invade the Ruhr? January 1923
Why was the Ruhr invaded? Because Germany failed to pay a reparations payment. The Ruhr was Germany's most industrial area and so France and Belgium took the payment in the form of goods and materials.
What did Germany do in resistance to the occupation of the Ruhr? German workers carried out passive resistance and effectively went on strike.
Why did German Workers in the Ruhr go in strike? So that the French would not have anything to take away.
What is Hyperinflation? Hyperinflation is rapid and out of control inflation.
What caused hyperinflation in Weimar? The government printing too much paper money to pay off reparations.
What was the effect of the strike in the Ruhr? 100 workers were killed. Germany also suffered as the stop of production caused the collapse of its currency.
When was the Munich Putsch? 8th - 9th November 1923
What happened at the Munich Putsch? Hitler tried to topple the government with 600 SA soldiers. He hijacked a government meeting and declared he was taking over the Bavarian government.
How was the Munich Putsch stopped? Hitler allowed Kahr and Lossow to return home after agreeing to revolt. They then subsequently called the police and army.
What happened on the 9th of November 1923? Munich Putsch was quelled by the police and army. 16 Nazis died and Hitler was arrested.
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