Crime and punishment


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burglary when someone enters another person's home and takes something
fraud deceiving or cheating someone in order to get money, etc
hijacking when someone uses force or threats to get control of a ship, an aeroplane or a train
kidnapping taking somebody away by force and keeping him a prisoner
shoplifting stealing things while pretending to shop
mugging taking something by force from someone on a street, a corridor, etc
to imprison to put someone behind bars
witness this person swears to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth
verdict the decision reached by a jury: guilty or not guilty
trial a legal examination of evidence to decide if somebody is guilty or innocent
sentence punishment given by the judge to a guilty person, e.g. two months in prison or a fine
to acquit to judge that a person is innocent of a crime
to convict to judge that a person is guilty of a crime
defence lawyer the person who defends the accused
prosecution lawyer the person who prosecutes the accused
thief a person who steals
to chase to run after somebody
clues facts or evidence which help to solve a crime
arson the crime of deliberately setting fire to property
blackmail the act of frightening someone into making a payment of money, as by revealing secrets
riot a noisy, violent public disorder
alibi the claim by an accused person of having been elsewhere when an offence was committed
solicitor this person gives legal advice and prepares legal documents and cases
barrister this person represents clients in the higher courts of law
bail money given to a court of law to guarantee that a person released from jail will return at an appointed time
probation the status of a convicted offender who has been allowed to go free under the supervision of a/an ... officer
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