Lecture 0.5 O2 Transport System and CPET


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Advantages of Anaerobic metabolism? Fast production of ATP (100x faster than aerobic)
Disadvantage of anaerobic metabolism? only 5% of ATP available before fatigue
How long can anaerobic metabolism last before fatigue? 30 sec - 1 min
Net gain of ATP via glycolysis? 2 net ATP gain
Net gain of ATP per glucose molecule in aerobic metabolism? 36 ATPs
Where does O2 become involved in the aerobic metabolism cycle? at the very end
Why is the oxygen debt created? To oxydise the lactate back to pyruvic acid so aerobic metabolism can occur.
Outline the 9 steps of oxygen transport system. 1. inspired oxygen 2. airways 3. lungs and chest wall 4. diffusion and alveolar sacs 5. pulmonary perfusion 6. myocardial function 7. peripheral circulation 8. tissue extraction and use of oxygen 9. return of partially desaturated blood anc CO2 to the lungs
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