Chapter 1 Concepts

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Chapter 1 Embodiment Indicates that we live in & through our bodies & that we simultaneously experience our bodies physically & biologically as well as socially & psychologically. Bodies are central to our lives. Foucault-technologies of self-The ways in which we use bodies to produce identity for ourselves. Important to understand identity & the effect it has especially with people with physical impairments.
Chapter 1 Minimal Group Groups set up in Social Identity Theory to identify minimum conditions necessary for group identities to be formed. Tajfel-Experiment with 14/15 yr old boys to see if simply being a member of one group would create discrimination. Important because provides possible causes of prejudice/discrimination & possible ways to reduce this.
Chapter 1 Core Identity The central identity that individuals have to achieve from different aspects of their identities if they are to be psychologically healthy. Erikson-Identites are viewed as psychosocial (personal & social). Core identity develops semse of who we are & what we stand for. Important to understanding personal identity from psycholsocial perspective.
Chapter 1 Social Constructionism The ways we understand the world are not just natural but are constructed between people in everyday social interactions. Potter & Wetherell-Nelson Mandela-terrorist or freedom fighter? Each constructs a different way of viewing that person. Important as it widens psychological study to examine how we understand meaning.
Social Identity Theory Chapter 1 A theory of the social processes by which people come to identify themselves with particular groups and separate themselves from others. Focuses on the identity of "we" & "us". Tajfel-identity divided in 2; personal identity(friend,parent,child) & social identity(man,white,british).Social identity is made up of self-descriptions which we get from characterisitics what we believe define our social group. Method-Experimental Important as ideas have led to techniques aimed at challenging prejudice i.e blue/brown eyes experiment.
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