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Math Test Revision 2014 Term 2 2H - Using Formulas 8A - Expanding Binomial Products 8B - Perfect Squares 5C - Area 5D - Composite Shapes 5E - Surface Area of prisms and pyramids 5F - Surface Area of a Cylinder 5G - Volume 5H - Volume of a Cylinder
2H Using Formulas - Substituting values into Formulas - Substitute the given values in the formula S= a/1-r, when a=3 and r=0.4 S= a/1-r S= 3/1-0.4 = 3/0.6 =5
2H Using Formulas - Transposing Formulas - Transpose to make 'b' the subject c=a(x+b) c/a= x+b c/a -x=b b=c/a -x
8A Expanding Binomial Products - Expanding Binomial Products - (x + 3)(x + 5) =x +5x+3x+15 =x +8x+15
8B Perfect squares and the difference of perfect squares - Expanding Perfect Squares - (x-2) = (x-2)(x-2) =x -2x-2x+4 =x -2x+4
5C Area - Area - Square = L Rectangle = LxW Triangle = 1/2 BxH Circle = r Trapezium = 1/2 (L+L)H Rhombus = 1/2 (LxH) Kite = 1/2 (LxH) Parallelogram = HxL Sector = r x
5D Composite Shapes - Composite Shapes - p= 2xL+W+1/2x2 r = 2x17+14+1/2 x2 x7 = 34+14+ x7
5E Surface Area of prisms and pyramids Add up the area of every face on the shape
5F Surface Area of a Cylinder - Surface Area of a Cylinder - TSA= 2 circles + 1 rectangle = 2 r +2 rH
5G Volume - Volume - Rectangular Prism= LxWxH Triangular Prism= (1/2 BxH)xL
5H Volume of a Cylinder - Volume of a Cylinder - V= r h
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