The Yellow Palm

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The Yellow Palm 1998 Baghdad
Focus Trees vital for shade and cooling the air as well as food. Affected by traffic and warfare. Religion.
Form 6 regular stanzas - stage of his journey through the city
Voice A visitor shocked by damage to place/people. Affects all his senses
Structure Funeral - poison gas Mosque - religion against religion Ex-soldiers begging Tigris River - barbarian sun, nature against nature Weapons paid for/beggars Dying palms feeding child
Sound Effects 's' at the end of lines create a kind of rhyme effect to link key ideas with each other
Images Violence - war language/religion/nature- creates contrast - nature/love against violence/death
Repetition 'As I made my way...' gives list effect = many effects of the war. Also long journey through a lot of devastation. 'slow and silver' = so big
Punctuation -,;- create pauses for reader to ponder 'and' 'but' - more of the same + contrasts side by side. Links and seperates ideas E.g. river/sun
Other Features Gives sights, sounds and smells to recreate journey in detail. Personification of sun - nature is against them also
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