Ionic and Molecular Compounds Vocabulary

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Alkanes hydrocarbons containing a single bond between carbon atoms
Anion negatively charged ion
Bonding pair a pair of electrons shared between atoms
Cation a positively charged ion
Chemical Formula the symbols and subscripts that represent the lower whole # ratio of atom & ions in a compound
Condensed Structural Formula shows the arrangement of the carbon atoms in a molecule but groups the carbon with its corresponding hydrogen atoms
Covalent Bond the sharing of valence electrons by atoms
Expanded Structural Formula shows the arrangement of the atoms by drawing the bonds between carbon atoms or between carbon & hydrogen atoms
hydrocarbons organic compound consisting of only hydrogen and carbon
Ion atom/ group of atoms that has an electrical charge due to loss/gain of electrons
Ionic Bonds The attraction between oppositely charged ions
Ionic Charge the difference between protons and neutrons located in the upper right corner of the symbol
Ionic Compound positive/negative ions held together by ionic bonds
IUPAC System a system for naming organic compounds determined by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
Lone Pair electrons that are not shared but complete the octet rule
Molecular Compound a combination of atoms sharing electrons to complete the octet rule
Molecule the smallest unit of two or more atoms that are held together by covalent bonds
Octet Rule Representative elements react with other elements to achieve the noble gas configuration of 8 valence electrons
Organic Compounds compounds of carbon that have covalent bonds with properties that include low melting/boiling points, insolubility in water, and flammability
Polyatomic Ion a group of covalently bonded atoms that has an overall electrical charge
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