EKG Basics


EKG basics
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How many Big boxes = ? seconds 5 Big box = 1 second
Junctional Rhythm Junctional Rhythm: Firing happens at AV node - No P wave
Supraventricular Supraventricular: The rhythm is firing above the ventricles producing - up right waveforms - if firing below then the waveforms would be biphasic???
Deep Q wave Deep Q wave: Acute ischaemic attack
Flat T wave Flat T wave Happens before Acute ischaemic attack or Hypokalemia
If Flat T wave due to Hypokalemia... T wave will be inverted every time
If Flat T wave due to Acute ischemic attack... T wave will be inverted in leads 1, aVL, V5, V6 (L. Lateral Leads)
V1 is (-) or (+) - why V1 is (-) - because on R. side of body - electricity is traveling away
V2 is (-) or (+) - why V2 is (-) - sometimes (+)
aVR is (-) or (+) - why aVR is (-) - on Upper R. side of body
RVH (Right Ventricular Hypertrophy) aVR and V1 will be (+)
V1 and V2 - called what kind of leads - placed where V1 and V2 - called Septal leads - 4th intercostal space - V1 on L. side sternum V2 on R.
V3 and V4 - called what kind of leads - placed where V3 and V4 - Anterior leads - V3 is between V2 and V4 1/2 over rid - V4 5th intercostal space
V5 and V6 - called what kind of leads - placed where V5 and V6 - Lateral leads (as well aVL, I) - 5th intercostal space
II, III, aVF - called what kind of leads II, III, aVF - Inferior leads
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