Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 Extraversion An outgoing, sociable personality type. Often incorporates risk-taking,active,senstion-seeking behaviour. Opposite of Introversion. Eysenck Type Theory-Suggests there is a biological basis to extraversion specifically linked to arousal levels. Extroverts behave in this way to increase arousal levels as they are naturally under aroused. Important as is part of many personality theories & helps understanding of biological bases.
Chapter 5 Trait Theories Of Personality Proposes a hierarchal structure for personality that is built from traits & clusters of traits. Mirrors the implicit personality theories of common sense. Cattell-Inductive approach-data collection-Established a 16 factor structure to describe personality. 16PFQ widely used in research & clinical practise. Important as has led to advances in psychometrics & development of psychological testing.
Chapter 5 Psychometrics Mental Measurement-measures individual differences of personality & other psychological abilities using tests constructed to high standards & validity. Galton-Investigated link between sensory motor ability & intellect, later changed to direct test of reasoning ability. Did so by collecting large amounts of data that describes the range & distribution of individual differences in populations. Important to growth of psychology as an empirical & scientific discipline.
Chapter 5 Heritability The extent to which genetics are responsible for the variability of a trait in a population. Estimates expressed as percentage or decimal. Doesn't provide info on individuals. Loehilin-Empirical research-Twin studies-Behaviour comparison of monozygotic (MZ) & dizygotic (DZ) twins. Tests the level of shared personality or behaviour traits. Important as helps understand the biological components of temperament & personality.
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