World Class 2, Unit 11 Vocabulary.

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Vocabulary words from unit 11, on World Class 2.

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Breakthrough An important development or achievement.
Faulty Not made correctly or not working properly.
Fixated Thinking about something to an extreme and excessive degree.
Frustrated Feeling upset or angry because you are unable to do anything about a problem.
Impasse A difficult situation in which further progress is not possible.
In a Flash (Happening) suddenly and for a very short time.
Insight A clear, deep, and sometimes quick understanding of something complex.
Stage Part of an activity, process or period.
Wander To stray in movement or in thought.
Accent (color) A secondary color used to emphasize.
Intense Very great or extreme in strength or degree.
Tranquility A peaceful, calm state.
Design To plan and draw an object so that it can be built or made.
Logo Special visual design or writing of a company's name that is used on products and advertising.
S Short phrase that is easy to remember.
M An extremely good painting, novel, movie, or other work of art
Mural A large picture on a wall.
Priceless Worth so much money that the value cannot be estimated.
Genius A highly talented, creative, or intelligent person.
Commissioned To be formally arranged to work for someone.
Inscription Something written by hand in/on a book, photograph, or painting.
Hollow Having space inside it (as opposed to being solid all the way through).
Graffiti Words or picture that are drawn in public places.
Vandalism Deliberate damaging of things, especially public property.
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