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Alien Species A species introduced into an area which can act as a threat to endemic populations, e.g. quinine tree in Galapagos
Anaerobic Lacking oxygen (soils in which mangroves grow)
Aquaculture Farming of freshwater and seawater organisms, e.g. Shrimp farming in Indonisia
Carbon Sequestration Storage of carbon, soils are a huge store of CO2
Biodiversity The variation of life forms within a given ecosystem, biome or for the entire Earth
Biodiversity Hotspot An area with over 1500 vascular endemic plants which has lost 70% of its original landmass
Biomass All living material, measured in kg/m2/year
Biome A large global ecosystem characterised by the dominant vegetation type, e.g. TRF
Coral Beaching Loss of colour in the coral, usually linked to global warming. Algae which provides colour dies due to stresses such as sea level rise
Eco-Region A large area of land or water with geographically distinct natural communities
Ecosystem Community of plants and animals together with the environment in which they live
Ecosystem Diversity A measure of the diversity of the total ecosystem
Endemic Native to a particular region or country, e.g. Kangaroo is endemic to Australia
Eutrophication Increase in the nutrients within an ecosystem, usually in water, which increases the NPP. Over time this leads to a growth in algae and a lack of oxygen and a reduction in water quality and fish populations
Genetic Diversity Variations between individuals of the same species - the "Gene Pool"
Gersmehl's Nutrient Cycles The transfer of nutrients between the three main stores, biomass, litter, and soil. Stores are representative of the size, e.g. Biomass is the largest store in the TRF
Habitat The environment in which a species lives
Leaching The loss of nutrients from the soil due to heavy rain. Nutrients are washed out
Millenium Development Goals Eight development goals agreed by 192 UN member states, include reducing extreme poverty and ensuring environmental stability
Millennium Ecosystem Assesment A research programme which focuses on ecosystem changes over time, intending to record and protect levels of degradation
NPP Net primary production. The amount of new growth measured in g/m2yr
Permafrost Soil which has been below freezing point for two or more years
Pneumatophores Special adaptation of roots to grow upwardsto survive anaerobic conditions, linked to mangroves
Ramsar Sites A treaty for the conservation and protection of wetlands
Species Diversity The variety of species within a given region or ecosystem
Sustainable Yield The maximum that can be extracted from an ecosystem without taking from the base level and leading to declining in resources
Trophic A level in the food chain
Zonation Species grow in distinct areas depending on tolerance, e.g. Red, Black and Grey mangroves show zonation depending on their tolerance to salinity and waterlogged soils
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