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These are the second unit's words we had to investigate and write in GoConqr

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Ability to perceive sound. Example: she was not in the earreach, so did not notice we were talking about her Earshot British pronunciation: /ˈɪə.ʃɒt/ (irshot) American pronunciation: /ˈɪr.ʃɑːt/ (irshat)
To attract Example: She had not tried to tempt my attention before she knew I like the same sorts of music as her Draw British pronunciation: /drɔː/ (dro) American pronunciation: /drɑː/ (dra)
To get involved in Example: He was not included in the project development To get swept up British pronunciation of swept: /swept/ (suept) American pronunciation of swept: /swept/ (suept)
To unfairly enter the front places of a line of people. Example: They did not respect the people that had already waited for hours and simply arrive at the front of the queue. Jump the queue British pronunciation of queue: /kjuː/ (kiu) American pronunciation of queue: /kjuː/ (kiu)
To do what you had already promised Example: She said she was going to come and did not fail us. Keep your word British pronunciation of word: /wɜːd/ (wod) American pronunciation of word: /wɝːd/ (word)
To invent a story in order to cheat on somebody. Example: She tried to cheat on us by inventing a pretext for her absence. Make up an excuse. British pronunciation of excuse: /ɪkˈskjuːz/ (exkius) American pronunciation of excuse: /ɪkˈskjuːz/ (exkius)
To be eager and enthusiastic about something. Example: She was very excited and willing to start the activity Be keen on. British pronunciation of keen: /kiːn/ (kin) American pronunciation of keen: /kiːn/ (kin)
With a large quantity of something Example: He has been bleeding abundantly for hours. Profusely American pronunciation: /prəˈfjus·li/ (profiusli)
To propose a topic for a further discussion or consideration. Example: She raised the question of part-time jobs. To bring something into question. British pronunciation of question: /ˈkwes.tʃən/ (cuestshien) American pronunciation of question: /ˈkwes.tʃən/ (cuestshien)
To describe the context/to make something possible to happen Example: With your decision, my team was available to win the prize Set the scene British pronunciation of scene: /siːn/ (sin) American pronunciation of scene: /siːn/ (sin)
Something that is frightening, violent, powerful, extreme, strongly. Example: She loves me very strongly Fiercely British pronunciation: /ˈfɪəs.li/ (fisli) American pronunciation: /ˈfɪrs.li/ (firsli)
A negative emotion such as disappointment and anger. Example: They were abjectly upset because of the results. Bitterly British pronunciation: /ˈbɪt.ə.li/ (biteli) American pronunciation: /ˈbɪt̬.ɚ.li/ (birerli)
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