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To bear a striking resemblance (Describing People) Parecer/Lembrar uma pessoa I’ve always thought she bears a striking resemblance to someone on TV
To go grey (Describing People) Ficar com cabelos brancos We all go grey Eventually
In her/his 30s/40s (Describing People) Nos seus 30/40 He was in his 30s at that time
To look young for his/her age (Describing People) Parecer novo para sua idade He looked young for his age
Medium height (Describing People) Altura na média He was medium heigth and had a slim figure
Middle aged (Describing People) Estar entre 45-65 anos He was also middle-aged
To be overweight (Describing People) Estar acima do peso She was a little overweigth either
Shoulder Length Hair (Describing People) Cabelo na altura do ombro She is a Brunete with Shoulder Length Hair
To get done up (Describing People) Vestir-se elegantemente/inteligentemente I know some people get done up just to go to the shops
Lose one’s figure (Describing People) Envelhecer we all go grey eventually and get hard of hearing … we start to lose our figure … that’s why plastic surgery is so popular
Cropped Hair (Describing People) Cabelo muito curto Take my brother for example, he has short cropped hair
Take after somebody (Personality and Character) Puxar alguém Everyone tells me I take after my mum as I’m quite laid-back
Introverts (Personality and Character) Introvertido I seem to be attracted to introverts or painfully shy people
To bend over backwards (Personality and Character) Tentar muito ajudar alguém She would also bend over backwards to help us with our work
Quick Tempered (Personality and Character) Temperamento explosivo If you are fair-minded you’ ll be less likely to overreact to situations or be quick-tempered
Fair minded (Personality and Character) Tratar pessoas igualmente and if you are fair-minded you’ ll be less likely to overreact to situations or be quick-tempered …
Self-assured (Personality and Character) Confiante/Seguro I certainly would want my children to be self-confident and self-assured
Fun-loving (Personality and Character) Amante da diversão I’d say we’re fun-loving and tend to be a bit extroverted
Broad Minded (Personality and Character) Mente aberta My brother is a broad minded person, and that's why I like him very much
Good Company (Personality and Character) Boa companhia I like going out with him because he is a such good company
To put others first (Personality and Character) Pensar nos outros antes de você mesmo She always put us first and often stayed around at the end of class
Thick Skinned (Personality and Character) Não é afetado facilmente por críticas Probably people who are thick-skinned will suffer less from stress and anxiety
Residential Area (Town and Cities) Área Residencial I live in a residential area of a busy town
Lively bars and restaurants (Towns and Cities) Bares e restaurantes animados Belo Horizonte is known by its lively bars and restaurants
Within walking distance from shops/bars/restaurants (Towns and Cities) Com uma distância que da para ir a pé I live within a walking distance from bars and restaurants
Tree Lined Streets (Town and Cities) Ruas com árvores nos dois lados My neighborhood has tree lined streets which makes it ideal for people who likes to jog
Office Block (Town and Cities) Prédios comerciais City centres are usually full of office blocks and can be crowded sometimes
To get around (Town and Cities) Andar por um lugar Belo Horizonte has a terrible public transport system and because of that it is not easy to get around
Public spaces (Town and Cities) Lugares Público It is also nice that the city have a lot of public spaces in which we can spend some quality time with our family
Sprawling City (Town and Cities) Cidade que cresceu rapidamente Sao Paulo is a sprawling city and because of that the public transport system is a chaos
Tourist Attractions (Town and Cities) Atrações turísticas Although NY doesn't have a lot of tourist attractions it is a remarkable city to visit
To Close down (Town and Cities) Fechar/Falir I heard that the bakery close to my condo closed down
Peaceful, Quite, Calm (Town and Cities) Pacífico, Quieto e Calmo My neighborhood is a peaceful, quiet and calm place to live
Traditional, Modern, Old-fahsioned (Town and Cities) Tradicional, Moderna, Antiga Usually cities in europe are both traditional and old fashioned while cities in United States have a more modern architecture
Spetacular views of the City (Town and Cities) Vista espetacular da cidade My bedroom is my favorite place of my house as it has spetacular views of the City, specially at night
Plenty of Fresh Air, Open Fields (Town and Cities) Ar puro, campos abertos The maind advantage of living in the countryside is that you have plenty of fresh air and also lots of open fields
Get a Bit Noisy (Town and Cities) Ficar barulhento Living in a City Center can get a bit noisy sometimes
Very well located (Town and Cities) Bem Localizado I would like to live in a very well located apartament, not close or far from the city centre
The suburbs (Accomodation) Área residencial no limite das grandes cidades I would rather live in the suburbs than in the city centres
Take out a mortgage (Accomodation) Fazer um financiamento In order to buy my own home I need to take out a mortgage
Home comforts (Accomodation) Confortos de Casa I would love to be able to take all my home comforts with me whenever I travelled
Property Market (Accomodation) Mercado Imobiliário The property market is not good in Brazil
House warming Party (Accomodation) Festa de comemoração de nova casa After buying my house I would definitely do a house warming party
To get on the property ladder (Accomodation) Ir comprando casas melhores com o tempo My first objective after marrying is to get on the property ladder
To put down a deposit (Accomodation) Dar uma entrada em um imóvel Im saving up to put down a deposit on a house or an apartment
Back Garden (Accomodation) Jardim nos fundos Most people seem to live in terraced houses with lovely back gardens
Concierge and Groundkeeper (Accomodation) Porteiros e Caseiros Having a concierge increases the condo fees
Gated Community (Accomodation) Condomínio residencial fechado I recently bought a plot in a gated community
Condo (Accomodation) Prédio com apartamentos I would rather live in a condo than a house as it is safer
Maintenance/Service/Condo Fee (Accomodation) Taxa de condomínio The maintenance fee in a gated community is very expensive
Dweller (Accomodation) Condominos The condo dwellers are more demanding than gated community dwellers
Live on Campus / Student Digs (Accomodation) Viver na universidade Whenever I go to the university I'd probably live on campus
All the mod cons (Accomodation) Utensílios domésticos (Lavadora, Geladeira etc) In order to live with comfort I need all the mod cons in my house
To get away from it all (Holidays) Ficar longe do stress I hate tourist traps. I like to get away from it all and prefer going somewhere off the beaten track
To go sightseeing (Holidays) Visitar atrações turísticas I like to go sightseeing and always sign up for guided tours
Self-Catering (Holidays) Ser responsável pela própria alimentação Whenever I go on a vacation with my girlfriend we like to stay in self-catering apartments as it is cheaper than staying in a hotel
Out of Season (Holidays) Fora de temporada I decided to go out of season in the autumn
Holiday of a lifetime (Holidays) Melhor férias da vida Last year I had the holiday of a lifetime
Breathtaking view (Holidays) Vista de tirar o fólego After we climbed the statue with liberty we were able to see a breathtaking view
Tourist trap (Holidays) Armadilha para turistas I try to avoid tourist traps as they are usually crowded
Hordes of Tourists (Holidays) Hordas de turistas NY can get very busy with hordes of tourists so maybe it is better to go out of season
All in Package / Holiday Package (Holidays) Pacotes fechados de viagem I never buy All in Packages as they are often more expensive than booking everything individually
Local Crafts (Holidays) Artesanato local Minas geras is famous by its the small cities with amazing local crafts
Places of Interest (Holidays) Atrações Turísticas I enjoy visiting the local places of interest
To drift apart (Relationships) Afastar de algum amigo/pessoa In the last years we drifted apart but we are still good friends
To get to know (Relationships) Conhecer alguem We got to know each other during the high school
To get on well with (Relationships) Se dar bem com alguém My family does not get on well as we don't have a lot in common
To hit it off (Relationship) Ficar amigos rapidamente I think we really hit it off since the first day of college as we have a lot in common
To settle down (Relationships) Ficar mais tranquilo I think we’re both ready to settle down and have children
To have ups and downs (Relationships) Altos e Baixos All relationships have their ups and downs
To keep in/lose touch with (Relationships) Manter/Perder o contato com Although I tried to keep in touch with him, we drifted apart
Go back years (Relationships) Vem de anos atrás I think our friendship go back years to when we were at school
To fall out with (Relationships) Discordar de alguém Despite the fact that we are good friends we usually fall out with each other
To see eye to eye on (Relationships) Concordar em algo We see eye to eye in most subjects so we never fall out with each other
to work at a relationship (Relationships) Tentar fazer um relacionamento durar People in modern society don't work at a relationship as they used to do
Fitness programme (Sports) I should get a personal trainer … someone who will sort out a fitness programme for me and make me train hard
To get into shape (Sports) Ficar em forma I need to get into shape as I am overweight and that is bad to my health
To go jogging (Sports) Andar/Correr na rua I go jogging everyday when I am on a balanced diet
To take out exercise (Sports) Começar a fazer exercícios I need to take out exercises otherwise I will suffer from severe health issues in the near future
To train hard (Sports) Treinar pesado If you want to be well built you need to train hard
Dead straight hair (Describing People) Cabelo Muito liso I take after my mom as we both have a dead straight black hair
To be full up (Food) Estar cheio I’m always totally full up by the end
To be starving hungry (Food) Estar morto de fome We were both starving hungry by the end of the day so we decided to eat pizza
To bold something down/To grab a bite to eat (Food) Engolir rápido, fazer um lanchinho I suppose it’s true that people will often eat a quick snack because they’re bored not because they’re dying of hunger … and often they just bolt it down and don’t savour it
To eat a balanced diet (Food) Comer uma dieta balanceada If you want to lose weight you need to learn to eat a balanced diet
To eat like a horse (Food) Comer muito I was so hungry that I ate like a horse
To have a sweet tooth (Food) Gostar de doces Its a challenge to lose weight as I think I have a sweet tooth
To wine and Dine (Food) Comer e beber It is a fancy restaurant and a good option to take someone to wine and dine
To work up an appetite (Food) Aumentar o apetite actually I eat like a horse … I do a lot of sport and work up quite an appetite …
Take away (Food) Marmita Sometimes we are too tired to sit in a restaurant and our main option is a take away
Roast (Food) Assar I love roasted chicken, I think it is one of my favorite dishes
Tuck into (Food) Comer com prazer It's always a pleasure to see your friends tucking into something you've cooked yourself
Attend classes (Education Assistir a aulas If you want to graduate with honours you need to attend all classes
Distance Learning / Face to Face Learning (Education) Ensino a distância/presencial Nowadays, distance learning is more common than face to face learning
To keep up with your studies (Education) I’m pretty good at meeting deadlines and I’m keeping up with my studies
To learn something by heart (Education) Memorizar algo If you want to do well on your IELTS you need to learn verb tenses by heart
To take a year out (Education) Tirar um ano antes de ir para universidade If possible I would like to take a year out before university
To work your way through university (Education) Trabalhar durante a faculdade I couldn't get the best grades as I had to work my way through university
To give feedback (Education) Dar feedback It's important that teachers give feedback to their students
A dead end job (Work) Trabalho sem oportunidades de crescimento As long as I’m not stuck behind a desk doing something boring in a dead-end job I’ll be happy
A good team player (Work) Saber trabalhar em equipe In order to succeed in modern society you need to be a good team player
High powered Job (Work) Trabalho importante I’d hope to be working … not a high-powered job … but I’m quite a creative person so something where I can work with my hands would be nice
One of the perks of the job (Work) Uma das vantagens One of the perks of being a consultant is that you can see new places as you are constantly traveling
To run your own business (Work) Tocar seu próprio negócio I've always had this dream of running my own business
To be stuck behind a desk (Work) Ficar presto atrás de uma mesa as long as I’m not stuck behind a desk doing something boring in a dead-end job I’ll be happy
To be well paid (Work) Ser bem pago Not only you need a good job but you also need to be well paid
To get stuck in a rut To be in a job that is hard to leave I can’t imagine it being the kind of job where you get stuck in a rut
To be a bit off colour (Health) Sentir-se doente Last week I was a bit off colour with a blocked nose and a sore throat. In the beggining I had a little headache as well
To phone in sick (Health) Ligar falando que estava doente I had to phone in sick in order to tell my work colleagues that I wouldn't be able to go to work until I felt better
To catch a cold (Health) Pegar um resfriado. Im quite healthy, but sometimes I catch a cold that usually lasts for 1 or 2 days tops
Blocked Nose (Health) Nariz entupido I had the usual symptoms … a blocked nose … sore throat …
To be over the worst (Health) I was over the worst of it after a few days and went back to work
Cuts and Bruises (Health) Pequenos machucados I had a bad fall recently and pulled a muscle and had a few cuts and bruises … but I’m on the mend and hope to be doing it again soon …
As fit as fiddle (Health) To be very healthy My grandmother is as fit as fiddle and she is 88 years old
Prescription Charges (Health) Well … people have to pay prescription charges which can be quite expensive
To make an appointment (Health) Marcar uma consulta Well, If you are dependent on your health plan you will have a hard time to make an appointment with a good doctor
To pull a Muscle (Health) I had a bad fall recently and pulled a muscle and had a few cuts and bruises … but I’m on the mend and hope to be doing it again soon …
To be engrossed in (Books and Movies) To focus in one thing I'd prefer to be engrossed in a good book
Bedtime Reading (Books and Movies) Leitura de cabeceira I can’t go to sleep at night without some good bedtime reading
To be a big reader (Books and Movies) Leitor assíduo I'm not really a big reader However, I try to read at least 1 book per year
To be Heavy Going Difficult to read Game of Thrones is a heavy going book
To catch the latest movie (Books and Movies) Assistir o último lançamento One of the things that I usually do with my girlfriend is catching the latest movie
A page turner (Books and Movies) A book you can't stop reading Lord of the Rings was such a page turner for me. I couldn't stop reading it.
The setting (Books and Movies) Where the action takes place It’s a historical novel and the setting was a fictional town called Casterbridge
To go on a general release (Books and Movies) To be available to general public I think it’s the whole experience that the cinema offers … going out to see a film when it goes on general release … and seeing it on the big screen is more exciting than watching the film at home on TV
To get a good / bad review (Books and Movies) Receber uma boa ou má crítica I think Lord of The Rings only received good reviews
Showings (Books and Movies) Perfomance of a Film I prefer low-budget films … sci-fi especially … and there’s a great cinema I go to that has frequent showings of films like these …
To be on trend (Clothes and Fashion) Estar na moda There are those who think it’s important to look like they’re on trend
Designer Label (Clothes and Fashion) Roupa de marca Im not to keen on designer label clothes as I think they have the same quality as other clothes
Dessed to Kill (Clothes and Fashion) Dressed to attract admires She comes to work dressed to kill and I think that is quite inapropriate
To get dressed up (Clothes and Fashion) Special clothes to go out I prefer casual clothes actually … I hate getting dressed up for special occasions and Im also not very fond of spending too much money on those clothes
To have an eye for (Clothes and Fashion) Ter talento para She is always on trend, I think she has an eye for fashion
Smart Clothes (Clothes and Fashion) Clothes to use in formal occasions Working as a consultant means that you should always use smart clothes
To suit someone (Clothes and Fashion) To look good in someone I think that this style suits you just fine
To have a sense of style (Clothes and Fashion) To look Stylish Everything she wears really suits her and because of that I think she has a good sense of style
To dress for the occasion (Clothes and Fashion) if you are going out to a club or party you’re going to dress for the occasion
Classic Style (Clothes and Fashion) Im very fond of classic style, as it never goes out of fashion
To balance the books (Business) Do not spend more than you earn In order to get on the property ladder you will eventually need to balance the books
Cut throat competition (Business) My company has been recently involved in a cut throat competition
To go bust (Business) Close the business because it is unsuccessful I've been working for this company for the last 6 years until it went bust.
To go into business with (Business) Join a business and help to expand I was a software developer and I went into this business with 2 management consultants
To launch a product (Business) Lançar um produto My main objective when I joined this company was to help them launch this product
Stiff Competition (Business) Competição pesada Selling management software is always a stiff competition
To take on employees (Business) Contratar empregados After we launched the product we started to take on employees in order to build our own team
To take out a loan (Business) Pegar um empréstimos In order to start your own business you'll eventually need to take out a loan
To earn a living (Business) Se sustentar If you want to earn a living you need to work
To do a market research (Business) Fazer uma pesquisa de mercado Before developing this software we did an extensive market reasearch in order to improve our own product
Lifestyle Business (Business) Only the suficient income My father prefer to have a lifestyle business as he prefers his personal life over his professional life
To lay someone off (Business) Despedir Recently I had to lay off one of my employees as we are facing an economic crisis
To raise a company profile (Business) in fact that’s how we got to find out about his company … and he uses social media to raise the company profile
Adoring Fans (Music) People that usually love a band or singer I think that iron maiden has a lot of adoring fans around the world
A catchy tune (Music) Song that is easy to remember I think that hotel california is one of the biggest catchy tunes I have ever heard
A huge following (Music) Although John Mayer is a Blues Musician, he has a huge following as he focused his career in pop songs
A massive hit (Music) All a musician wants in his entire life is to have at least one massive hit
Musical Talent (Music) I've always thought that I have no musical talent at all
Play By Ear (Music) I've always wanted to play guitar by ear but I just dont have enough talent for it
Take up a musical instrument (Music) My father always wanted to take up a musical instrument, but he never had the time to do it
To sing out of tune (Music) I used to sing out of tune in the past, but I decided to take some singing lessons and I think I improved a lot
To go on tour (Music) Every musician dreams to go on tour with his band
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