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Inside out I've been revising all day long and I'm pretty sure that I know the subject inside out
Flying colours I hope I pass the IELTS with flying colours
Rack your Brains I've been racking my brains for the last weeks but I can't remember where I left the contract
Fond of Im quite fond of Video Games
Keen on I'm very keen on playing guitar
fan of I am a big fan of John Mayer
soft spot of I've always had a soft spot for chocolate
appeal I've always had an appeal for working/living abroad
into to Im not really into keeping up with the latest fashion
can't stand I can't stand justin bieber
bear I can't bear staying in beed for too long after I had woken up
Let me see/think Let me see.. I like saturdays as my family is all together and we can go out somewhere
That's a good question Hmm that's a good question. I've never considered such fact because Im not very fond of picking colors
To be honest Well to be honest I'm not very keen on exercising but I walk my dog three times a day.
It's difficult to say Fast food isn't good for us or our children and perhaps we should consider creating incentives that will leverage healthy food
That's a tricky one Hmm That's a tricky one. I've always wanted to live in USA or Australia but that means leaving friends and relatives behind
To cut a long story short Hmm to a cut a long story short. We used to work in the same company, I was a developer and she was a business consultant.
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