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Workplace Sadly, there is still amount of discrimination against women in the workplace
Working Enviroment Employers can help relieve the pressure on their employees by ensuring they have a pleasant working enviroment
Hours of Work In some professions, such as law, the hours of work are much longer than in others
The Working week There is much to be said for the proposal that the working week should be reduced to 35 hours
Work-life balance A sensible working-life balance can help employees work more efficiently
Work Placement Many Large organizations have work placement programmes that provide students with experience before they start their career
in/out of work Unemployment has been on the increase in many countries and sometimes up to 10% of the workforce are out of work
Job Security For some people, job security is more important than financial reward
Job Satisfaction It is hard to underestimate the value of job satisfaction
Job Descriptions Some employees have very broad job descriptions
Jobseeker Employers can attract jobseekers with attactive employment packages
interview These companies need to change the interview process so that they hire the right candidates
Qualifications So as to find a job we need to invest in our qualifications
Experience Some graduates have difficulty finding a job because they don't have relevant work experience
Training Employers need to provide training to ensure that their staff are able to adapt to these new technologies
retire/retirement In many countries the age of retirement is now 68 or even 70
resign/resignation There is a danger that employees will hand in their resignation and look for another job
promotion There is an argument to promote employees who show the most potential
perk Nowadays is much less common for companies to offer a company car as a perk
rewarding One of the most rewarding aspects of the work is the chance to work with children
challenging While this can be challenging, there is no doubt that it can be equally rewarding
repetitive A great deal of office work is that it is quite repetitive and not specially challenging
stressful One of the most stressful of modern workplace is the long hours of work
Breakthrough One of the greatest technological breakthrough was the microchip
Technophobe There are a minority of people who remain technophobes and do not have mobile phones or even know how to text
Technophile Others of course are technophiles and will buy the latest gadgets even if they dont need it
Digital native Young People have and advantage of being digital natives and having grown up with laptops and mobile phones
Computer Literate It's impossible to work in offices nowadays if you are not a computer literate
Cutting-edge one such cutting-edge tecnology is the concept of cloud computing
state-of-the-art It's not always, however, necessary to have the latest state-of-the-art technology
Labour Saving Perhaps the most influential inventions are relatively simple labour saving device such as the vacuum cleaner
Appliance Almost all modern kitchens have several electrical appliances to save our time
Close-knit Family We are not a close-knit family as we don't talk too much with each other
Immediate/Extended family Although my immediate family is quite small, my more extended family is huge
run in the family A love for engineering runs in my family
Family Trait One of my family traits is that we all talk quite loud
Quarrel I used to quarrel a lot with my brother when we were younger, but today we get along just fine
Look after I've always looked after my brother.
rely on/depend on I suppose her best quality is that I can always rely on her to be there for me.
Word of mouth It's frequently said that the best type of advertising is word-of-mouth
Misleading Many real state adverts are misleading
Brand Awareness Advertising is essential for companies that need to build their Brand Awareness
Developing countries Poverty is still an issue in many developing countries
Less developed countries Many less developed countries suffer from poor transport infrastructure
The industrialized world It is the responsibility of the industrialized world to provide financial support
Richer Nations Richer nations exploited the natural resources found in south america in colonial times
economic superpower Usa is the greatest economic superpower of the modern world
Global Village It is often said that we live in a global village because it is so easy to communicate with people all over the world
The global economy One feature of the global economy is that countries are affected by economic problems in other parts of the world
the greenhouse effect The greenhouse effect is one of the biggest concerns of modern society
The natural world Includes both animal and plant life
Endangered Species Panda is an example of endagered species
The ecosystem A system where animals and plants support one another
Smog an extreme form of air pollution
fumes/emissions These are the gases that are produced by cars and factories that cause pollution
Factories and Power Stations Two examples of pollution
Acid Rain Rain that is poisonous because of the poor air quality
Conserve energy Another way of saying "to save energy"
Sources of Energy A good collocation
Natural Resources For example: Water, Coal and Gas
Fossil fuels A collective term for coal, petrol and gas
Solar Panels the implement used to create solar energy
Wind turbines Modern Windmills used to create power from the wind
Clean energy Energy that does not create pollution
Threat Greenhouse Effect is a threat to human beings existence
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