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First lesson in geography - samacheer kalvi. All about Tamil Nadu.

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Bordered by Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.
Tamil is its official language since January 14, 1958. It is the sixth most populous state.
Extends latitudinally between 8*4' North and 13*35' North. Longitudinally between 76*18' East and 80*20' East. Triangular landmass that is a triangular landmass at the southeastern end of the main continent.
Home to rare flora and fauna, cool hill stations, Grand Hindu Temples of Dravidian architecture, beach resorts, pilgrimage sites and a few UNESCO world heritage sites.
4% total land area of India. Divided into 32 districts: A-1, C-3, D-2, E-1, K-4, M-1, N-3, P-2, R-1, S-2, T-9, V-3.
City Corporations- 10, Municipalities- 152, Town Panchayats- 529, District Panchayats- 31 Panchayat Unions- 385, Village Panchayats- 12524. Acquired both Dravidian and Aryan culture. Sangam existed in three phases. Tholkappiyam (Grammar) belongs to last sangam period also_ Classic works -Ettuthogai, Pathuppattu.
Holy saint of Tamil Nadu -Thiruvalluvar, wrote the Thirukkural that contains universally accepted ideas and regarded as renowned piece of world literature. Home of four Tamil kingdoms such as Chera, Chola, Pandaya and Pallava.
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