Characteristics and Climate of a hot desert

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Question Answer
How much rainfall can an area have to be called a desert? 250mm per year
Where are most deserts located? Around the equator- 20° and 35° north and south of the equator.
List one reason why a desert could be hot. The sun is directly over head, meaning a constant level of sunlight but also at a high concentration meaning it will be hotter
Suggest another reason why a desert may be hot. No cloud cover means no shade from the un in the day.
Suggest two reasons why deserts may be dry. The global circulation system means moist air rises at the equator where there is a lot of rain, therefore the now dry air descends on the location of deserts. The rain shadow effect causes relief rainfall over mountains and so no rain for deserts.
Why will deserts be hotter in the day than at night? In the day the suns rays are absorbed into the ground but the heat quickly disperses at night because there is no cloud cover.
What causes relief rainfall? Hot air mixing with cool air higher in the atmosphere (usually over mountains)