Chapter 7 Review Questions

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Fundamentals of Information Security Chapter 7 Review Question answers

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Which secure feature does a load balancer NOT provide? filter packets based on protocol settings
Which of these would NOT be a filtering mechanism found in a firewall rule? date
A(n) _____________ can identity the application that send packets and then make decisions about filtering based on it. Application-Aware Firewall
Which function does an Internet content filter NOT perform? intrusion detection
How does network address translation (NAT) improve security? it discards unsolicited packets
How does a virtual LAN (VLAN) allow devices to be grouped? logically
Which device is easiest for an attacker to take advantage of in order to capture and analyze packets? hub
Which of these is NOT an attack against a switch? ARP address impersonation
Which statement regarding a demilitarized zone (DMZ) is NOT true? It contains servers that are used only by internal network users
Which statement about network address translation (NAT) is true? It removes private addresses when the packet leaves the network
Which of these is NOT an advantage of a load balancer? the risk of overloading a desktop client is reduced
A(n) _________ intercepts internal user requests and then processes those requests on behalf of the users. proxy server
A reverse proxy __________. routes incoming requests to the correct server
Which is the preferred location for installation of a spam filter? with the SMTP server
A _______ watches for attacks and sounds an alert only when one occurs. Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS)
A multipurpose security device is known as __________. Unified Threat Management (UTM)
Each of these can be used to hide information about the internal network EXCEPT ________. a protocol analyzer
What is the difference between a network intrusion detection system (NIDS) and a network intrusion prevention system (NIPS)? A NIPS can take actions more quickly to combat an attack
If a device is determined to have an out-of-date virus signature file, then Network Access Control (NAC) can redirect that device to a network by __________. Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) poisoning
A firewall using __________ is the most secure type of firewall. stateful packet filtering
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