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Vocabulary words of unit 5, "Health matters"

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To get rid of something or someone Example: Banishing your memoirs about her will make you feel better. To ditch British pronunciation: /dɪtʃ/ (ditch) American pronunciation: /dɪtʃ/ (ditch)
To die or suffer from illness Example: Juan did not resist the plague, and died three days ago. To succumb Britsh pronunciation: /səˈkʌm/ (sucom) American pronunciation: /səˈkʌm/ (sucom)
To injure one or many parts of the body by turning them. Example: I do not know how but, while I was walking, I turned wrongly my feet. To twist British pronunciation: /twɪst/ (tuist) American pronunciation: /twɪst/ (tuist)
To damage the joints as a result of a sudden movement. Example: My cousin has got a lesion in her ankle joints while playing soccer. To sprain British pronunciation: /spreɪn/ (sprein) American pronunciation: /spreɪn/ (sprein)
To force a bone to be wrongly located in the body. Example: My shoulder bone is 5cm out of its correct position. To dislocate British pronunciation: /ˈdɪs.lə.keɪt/ (disloqueit) American pronunciation: /dɪˈsloʊ.keɪt/ (dislouqueit)
A minor illness Example: I hate suffering from throat infection. Ailment British pronunciation: /ˈeɪl.mənt/ (eilment) American pronuciation: /ˈeɪl.mənt/ (ilment)
A thick substance put on skin in order to cure an injury. Example: This topical medicine will help me to lessen pain. Ointment British pronunciation: /ˈɔɪnt.mənt/ (ointment) American pronunciation: /ˈɔɪnt.mənt/ (ointment)
To speak with exaggeration and excessive pride about oneself or something of your own. Example: He was bragging too much about his grades, so I punched him. To boast British pronunciation: /bəʊst/ (boust) American pronunciation: /boʊst/ (boust)
The act of being joined together Example: I attached the file to submit the task. Union British pronunciation: /ˈjuː.nj.ən/ (iunien) American pronunciation: /ˈjuː.nj.ən/ (iunion)
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