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renewable resources are resources that are replenished for human consumption. ex. solar energy, wind energy, water, and fertile soil
nonrenewable resources are resources for which a fixed quantity is available for human use; they are not renewed in a viable period of time for human reuse. ex. coal, crude oil, copper, iron, and gold. they are always used unsustainably.
sustainability refers to the practice of using a resource at a rate that is less than or equal to the rate at which it is naturally replenished. Ex. if the grass in a pasture grows at an average rate of one inch per day and cattle eat the grass at an average rate of less than one inch per day, the pasture is being used sustainably.
tragedy of the commons a resource that is free and available to everyone is known as a 'common.' they are very vulnerable and can get depleted and degraded very easily. when they are getting destroyed, it's known as a 'tragedy.'
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