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Cons of EDI limits trading to only companies who also use EDI, with constant software updates problems created when different software is in use, expensive set up cost, some companies incompatible because of standard formats set
Broadband advantages and disadvantages a: quick to install d: takes longer to download than install
Cable broadband advantages and disadvantages a: quick to install, fastest connection available d: only available in towns and cities
wireless broadband adv and disadv a: requires no cables or telephone lines, fast at both sending and downloading d:requires an advanced professional to set up, can experience interference where other set ups are local
3G broadband adv and disadv a: internet connectivity anywhere d: limitations of attatchments size and file type available to open
satellite adv and disadv a: available anywhere d: relatively expensive, bad weather can cause a bad connection
Pros of e mail quick, you can attach files easily,everyone with internet acces can acces it, can be counted as a type of correspondence with the client
cons of e mail a lot of accounts often receive spam, limit to the size of attatchments, influx of messages will increase read and response time, emails can be easily hacked
pros of EDI Large CAD files can be easily sent and downloaded, saves paper, saves time where alternative methods could be used, improves customer satisfaction and thus reputation
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