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watershed the boundary dividing one drainage basin from another
source where the river flows into the sea (the beginning)
Tributary A small river which joins a larger river
The hydrological cycle is the continuous cycle of water
Evaporation is.. The process where water changes from liquid to vapour
What is ground water flow? Water that's moving slowly in rock below to river.
What is a hydrograph? A graph to show how the discharge of a river changes over time at a certain point.
Mouth The upland area where the river begins
Catchment the area where water drains into a particular drainage basin
Drainage basin the area of land drained by a single stream or network of rivers
interception when precipitation is caught on plant leaves so therefore never reach the drainage basin
What is suspended load? Fine particles (clay, silt) carried by water in suspensions. Suspended load gives them muddy appearance.
Define discharge The volume of water in a river passing a point in a given time.
What is attrition A form of erosion where pebbles and rocks collide with each other making them small and smooth
where does erosion take place? Upper course of the river
Erosion is.. the wearing away and removal of rocks by the action of water, wind or ice
weathering breaking up of rocks by the action of weather, plants, animal and chemical processes.
Abrasion is when.. fragments of rock carried by river wear away the bed and banks of river. This is responsible for making river valleys deeper.
Bedload.. is when the largest rock particles get dragged along river channel at high flow.
Name the 4 types of river transport Bedload, Suspended load, solution load and deposition
Transpiration.. The loss of water vapour from plants through leaves.
Condensation when cooling vapour turns to a liquid
surface run-off movement of water over the surface of the land
River flow water that's flowing in a river/stream towards the sea.
Confluence Where 2 rivers join
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