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General Purpose Systems Designed to perform multiple tasks and can be loaded for various purposes e.g Laptops, Smartphones
Dedicated Systems Specifically produced to perform a single task or function e.g train ticket machine
Embedded Sytems A smaller computer system built within a larger system, for a dedicated task e.g microwaves, TVs, digital cameras, cars
System Software Software designed to run/maintain a computer system e.g the operating system.
Open Source Software The source code of software that can be accessed and edited by anyone, to fit their needs.
Pros of Open Source Software - Encourages collaboration - Usually free - Popular open source is reliable and secure - personalisation
Cons of Open Source Software - Needs specialist knowledge - No customer support - May not be tested thoroughly - May not be professional/user friendly
Proprietary Software Software in which the source code is hidden. It can only be modified by the creator of the software.
Pros of Proprietary Software - Customer support, warranties and documentation - Reliable (Well tested) - Regular fixes/updates - Can be adapted (have to commission company)
Cons of Proprietary Software - More Expensive than Open Source - May not fit all the user's needs - Won't maintain older software
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