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Question Answer
What is a Cold War? A war where no conflict actually takes place.
How was Europe at the end of WW2? In terrible conditions: Millions of people were dead. Most of the important cities were destroyed. Hard to find supplies such as food water and medicine.
Why did the alliance of the USA and USSR breakdown after WW2? (3 reasons) They no longer had a common enemy (Hitler/Fascism) Conflicting Ideologies (Capitalism/Communism) Two greatest superpowers in the world
When was the Yalta Conference? February 1945
Who were the leaders at Yalta? USA - Roosevelt Britain - Churchill USSR - Stalin
What 4 points were agreed at Yalta? Germany would be divided into 4 Zones Berlin would be divided into 4 Zones Eastern European countries would be allowed to hold free elections to decide how they would be governed The USSR would join the war against Japan in return for territory in Manchuria and Sakhalin Island
What was the only real disagreement at Yalta? Poland. Stalin wanted to move Poland's western frontier into German territory. Churchill and Roosevelt were unhappy with this but with thousands of soviet troops in Poland, they could do little about it. In return, Stalin agreed not to help communist rebels in Greece.
When was the Potsdam Conference? July 1945
Who were the leaders at Potsdam? USA - Truman Britain - Attlee USSR - Stalin
What affected relations between the Allied powers at Potsdam? Change in leaders Victory in Europe The Atom Bomb
How did a change in leadership affected Potsdam? Truman, who replaced Roosevelt, was far more anti-communist.
How did Victory in Europe affect Potsdam? Without a common enemy there was no reason for Britain, USA and USSR to maintain an alliance. As soon as victory was achieved, Britain and USA began to withdraw troops from Europe whereas USSR, who occupied the majority of Eastern Europe, kept troops there saying that it needed to protect its borders.
How did the Atom bomb affect Potsdam? Started an Arms Race between the USA and USSR
What was agreed at Potsdam? (2 points) The Nazi Party was to be banned and its leaders tried as war criminals The Oder-Neisse line was to form the future border between Germany and Poland
What were the tensions at Potsdam? (3 points) Britain and USA denied USSR a naval base in the Mediterranean Stalin wanted to take more reparations from Germany than Britain and USA though was necessary Stalin had set up a communist government in Poland
How many USSR troops remained in Eastern Europe after the war? 6 Million
What was Cominform? An alliance of communist countries that spread Stalin's communist ideas
When was Cominform set up and why? Set up 1947 in response to the Marshal Plan
Why was Comecon set up? To co-ordinate the production and trade of the Eastern European countries
When was Comecon set up? 1949
What was the underlying reason for the creation of Cominform and Comecon? So that Stalin could keep a tight grip on the USSR's satellite states
What did Cominform and Comecon mean for the Eastern European countries? It meant that governments and economies relied heavily on the USSR