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WEather the day to day conditions in the air around us it includes temperature,rain and wind.
climate the average weather of a place
where in the UK is it the wettest west (mainly wales and Scotland)
where in the UK is it the highest Scotland,central wales, north England
what type of rainfall happens in areas with lots of hills and mountains relief rainfall
Relief rainfall happens when air is forced upwards over a hill or a mountain
frontal rainfall happens when warm air(less dense) is forced upwards over cooler air (more dense) at a weather front (where warm and cool air meet)
convectional rainfall happens when warm air near the ground rises, cools and condenses to give us rain.
air mass a huge block of air that has similar characteristics and dry,cold and wet
polar marintine wet,cold air which brings showery weather. from greenland and the artic sea
tropical continental hot,dry air brings hot weather in the summer. from north america
polar continental hot air brings dry summers. cold air brings snow in winter. from central europe.
describe the changing weather of a depression it is raining,then cold front undercuts the warm air in the warm sector.Then the warm air is forced to rise over the cold air. Then the nimbostratus CLOUDS GET LOWER AND THICKER AND STaRT TO RAIN AGAIN
climate change global change in climate due to usuage of fossil fuels
effects of climate change in Africa shortages of crops growing
effects of climate change in the pacific islands sea levels rising
effects of climate change in Europe floods and contaminated water
carbon footprint a carbon footprint measures how much carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere as a result of the activities of a particular person,business or community.
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